ESHOT Flights Start in Aliağa

ESHOT Speeches Begins in Aliağa
ESHOT Speeches Begins in Aliağa

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer announced that ring services will be started with ESHOT buses from İZBAN to provide transportation to Aliağa State Hospital, Closed Marketplace and schools area.

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer met with the headmen of Aliağalı. Mayor Soyer listened to the needs of 3 neighborhoods one by one from the mukhtars at the meeting, which lasted for 30 hours, and listed the investments they will make in the district from the treatment plant to the drinking water and canal infrastructure. Soyer said, “From the last stop of İZBAN, we are starting a ring service to facilitate the transportation of our citizens to the Aliağa State Hospital, Closed Marketplace and Schools area.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer continues to visit the districts and meet with mukhtars. Mayor Soyer met with mukhtars in Yeni Foça and Kiraz last week, and today he met with the headmen of Aliağa and listened to the problems and demands and gave information about the work to be done. Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar, municipal bureaucrats and 30 headmen attended the meeting held at Aliağa Teachers Center. The headmen individually conveyed the needs of their own neighborhoods and thanked President Soyer for the work done so far. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar said, “Today, our mukhtars find the chance to convey their problems and demands to our Mayor one by one. This meeting will be beneficial for our Aliag and Izmir. We thank our president, ”he said.

Stating that the meeting they planned to hold with the headmen in March was delayed due to the pandemic, Mayor Soyer said, “We are in your presence with all bureaucrats of our Municipality. We are ready to listen to your problems, requests and suggestions ”.

Purification good news for New Shakran

In the meeting, the demands of the mukhtars for drinking water, canal infrastructure, asphalt and key paving stones came to the fore. Stating that the advanced biological treatment plant was put out to tender for the purpose of treating the wastewater generated in Yeni Şakran Neighborhood, and that they are planning to put the facility into service in 2022, President Soyer said, “This treatment will be done by renewing the canal infrastructure of Yenişakran, Aşağışakran, Hacıömerli, Kalabak, Çoraklar, Bahçedere settlements. We will establish package treatment facilities in the neighborhoods of Çakmaklı and Çaltılıdere, ”he said.

New wells will be drilled

Providing information about the investments they will make regarding the drinking water infrastructure of the region, the President said, “In 2019, we drilled 5 wells in our district. New water wells in Güzelhisar, Yenişakran, Hacıömerli, Kapıkaya, Yukarı Şehitkemal, Aşağı Şehitkemal, Çaltıdere, Horoz Pass, Kara Kuzu and Uzun Hasanlar areas kazanStudies have started to find out. We are going out to tender for laying new networks in Çoraklı and Samurlu districts. We are also working on laying a new 88-kilometer-long network in Aşağışakran, Bahçedere, Kapıkaya, Bozköy and Yüksekköy neighborhoods. In addition, the drinking water network of Hacı Ömerli and Bozköy neighborhoods will be renewed”.

Channel investments are coming

IZSU General Directorate officials stated that the domestic wastewater of Yukarı Şehit Kemal, Aşağı Şehit Kemal and Bozköy districts will be delivered to Türkelli Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Şehitkemal Creek is in the reclamation program. It was informed that the project studies for the solution of wastewater and rainwater problems of Uzun Hasanlar, Samurlu, Çıtak, Çoraklar, Güzelhisar, Horozgediği, Kapıkaya, Karaköy, Karakuzu and Yüksekköy neighborhoods have been started. In addition, it was stated that the construction tender works for the improvement of the 500 meters long stream in the Yukarı Şehitkemal District are continuing.

"The forest of mukhtars of Izmir" is coming

At the meeting, Mayor Soyer also gave another good news to the headmen and announced that they will transform the afforestation area in Kabalak into 'İzmir mukhtars' forest' and that they will call all mukhtars in İzmir on October 19, and carry out afforestation work here.

Support for agriculture and animal husbandry

Mayor Soyer announced that they will start a work to put the İZTAŞIT application in Seferihisar to solve the transportation problem and increase the transportation quality in Aliağa. Speaking after the mukhtars expressed the internet problem in the district, President Soyer said that problematic areas will be notified to GSM operators and that they will enable access to the internet and EBA by activating EBA access tools for children in regions where internet is not available at all. Çıtak Mukhtar Hüsnü Güleç supported the production of pomegranate syrup and the packaging and marketing of the product. Güleç thanked the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams, who did their work like wind-up watches in the best way possible. Mayor Soyer stated that they would give the necessary support to increase the production of pomegranate syrup and brand value in the region. “We will do whatever we can for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in the region,” Soyer said. Yeni Mahalle Muhtar Fatma Güvercin thanked Mayor Soyer for the fairy tale house to be opened by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the neighborhood.

Ring service starts

At the end of the meeting, Soyer thanked the headmen for their sensitivity to their neighborhoods and said, “It was a nice meeting. I thank you all. For us, you are the way to reach citizens. There was a demand for paving the streets of Lausanne, Atatürk, Anadolu and Cengiz Topel. We start these immediately. From the last stop of IZBAN, we are starting the ring services with our ESHOT buses to provide transportation to Aliağa State Hospital, Closed Market Place and Schools ”.

Asphalt investments continue

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has also carried out asphalt works on an 11-kilometer-long road and 18-kilometer plain road in the district in the last year and a half. By the end of the year, the 3-kilometer-long road and the 28-kilometer-long plain road will be asphalt.It has been informed that ten thousand square meters of key paving stones have been laid in the last year and a half, and that 25 thousand square meters of key paving stones will be laid by the end of the year.

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