Funicular Line Coming to Ali Mountain!

Funicular Line Coming to Ali Mountain!
Funicular Line Coming to Ali Mountain!

📩 17/10/2020 11:18

Talas Mayor Mustafa Yalçın Kay TV - Erciyes TV and Kay Radio announced that they will build a Funicular System on Ali Mountain in the program 'Kayseri Day Begins', where he was a guest on a joint broadcast, and announced that the cost of the system will reach 60 million liras.

Kay TV - Erciyes TV and Kay Radio participated in the 'Kayseri Day Begins' program, where he was a guest in the joint broadcast, answering the questions of Veli Altınkaya and Mustafa Gürbüz and heralded Talas Mayor Mustafa Yalçın Ali Mountain that they would build the Funicular System and noted the following about the details and cost of the system. “Do not take what I say about the cable car, you know, we experienced it in Erciyes. In the wind above 40 km in Erciyes, the cable car locks itself and service is not possible. There is a giant restaurant upstairs, the restaurant was reserved as in pilgrims. 40-50 km wind, when there is a storm, the restaurant closes on the way back. This danger is more in the Ali Mountain. For this reason, we decided on the rail system called funicular system. The funicular system will cost 60 million TL. We also met with our Minister of Environment and our General Manager of Iller Bank. In 2021, they will give us this money back for 60 months. At the meeting, we received the authorization of borrowing both 8 million TL of the public garden and 60 million TL of the funicular system, which you call the ropeway, from the metropolitan council. "

Source: Kayseri News

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