Akçaray Now Makes 294 Expeditions A Day

Akçaray Now Makes 294 Expeditions A Day
Akçaray Now Makes 294 Expeditions A Day

The Akçaray tram, operated by the TransportationPark, one of my affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will now make 294 trips. The number of trips, which was 274, was increased to 294 and a total of 20 trips were increased at once, and the intensity of the vehicle was eliminated during the pandemic process, and healthy travel was started on trams.


As of October 1, the number of flights to Akçaray, which was 274 during the day, increased by 20 and reached 294 in total. With this step, the number of passengers on the tram was reduced and pandemic measures were increased. With the more frequent tramway, citizens can travel more comfortably along the 20-kilometer line.


The pandemic measures taken in Akçaray are not limited to increasing the number of trips. Akçaray is disinfected by cleaning teams during the day and at the end of the day. All the contact points are cleaned one by one with a crowded cleaning army until the morning. With the use of special equipment, citizens are provided to travel in a hygienic environment. With the UV filter, the internal air circulation of the trams is completed and the in-car air quality is also increased.



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