Vocational High Schools to be Opened to OIZs Make a Great Contribution to the Turkish Industry

Vocational High Schools to be Opened to OIZs Make a Great Contribution to the Turkish Industry
Vocational High Schools to be Opened to OIZs Make a Great Contribution to the Turkish Industry

In 80 cities in Turkey, a total of 332 Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) are operating. If one vocational high school is opened within these OIZs, we would have 332 vocational high schools.

Our young people growing up in these vocational schools played an active role in the future is intertwined with Turkey industry industry in that region, innovative, pioneering, they will act as a fully-equipped individuals have received vocational and technical education district will develop sectoral rapidly and will play a big role in the development of our country.

In these OIZs, a total of 33 Vocational High Schools and 39 Vocational Training Centers, 72 of which are official and 32 private, are currently in service.

For example, there are Electrical-Electronics Technology, Industrial Automation Technologies, Machine Technology and Motor Vehicle Technology departments at ASO Technical College in Ankara. Here, it supports the development of our industry by meeting the needs of both the region and our country by educating well-equipped and high ethical engineer candidates and technicians required by the Turkish industry.

IOSB Industrial and Technical Vocational High School in Istanbul İkitelli OSB, Gaziantep OSB College, Private Çerkezköy We can give similar examples such as OSB College, Kayseri Private OSB Technical College.

The best example for these OIZs is OSTİM OIZ. OSTİM management existing OSB Vocational High School and Vocational High School as well as the development of university-industry cooperation within the industry as a good example OSTİM first time in Turkey TECHNICAL need of Turkey's founding the university makes a major contribution to the training of engineers.

The university is a campus that contributes 15 thousand factories and 200 thousand employees in the region. The students who are educated here are trained in the industry that will spend one day a week and the last period in companies starting from the 2nd semester. Each student has a patron in the firm to train him.

In the prominent sectors in each industrial zone, vocational high schools are opened in Automotive, Textile, Medical, Rail Systems, Communication Technologies, Energy, Defense and Aviation, Electric-Electronics, Machinery, Automation, Software, Robot Technology, etc. It will make a great contribution to the Turkish industry in a development process that goes up to the High School.

We must raise the number of existing OIZ technical high schools, Vocational Training Centers and Vocational High Schools, and raise our young people who will meet the needs of the region. Our industrialists will also support the opening of vocational schools here.

Thanks to these schools opened within the industry, both the trained workforce of the region is provided, as well as the sector-specific expert personnel who will contribute to the industry in the region, solve their problems, increase production and exports.

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