Tunç Soyer Bostanlı Examined the Works at Ahırkuyu Creek

Mayor Soyer Bostanlı Examined the Activities in Ahırkuyu Creek
Mayor Soyer Bostanlı Examined the Activities in Ahırkuyu Creek

IZSU General Directorate carried out a comprehensive cleaning work in Ahırkuyu creek passing through Bostanlı. Within the scope of the study, which is important for the cleaning of the bay, the flow of the stream was ensured to be continuous by feeding it with sea water. Mayor Soyer went to Bostanlı Ahırkuyu Stream and examined the work done on site.

İZSU General Directorate continues to improve the streams throughout the city before the winter season. Rehabilitation work was carried out in the 900-meter section of the Ahırkuyu Stream, which is connected to the Izmir Bay, passing through Bostanlı. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Karşıyaka He made examinations in the part of the stream where the work was done with the Mayor, Cemil Tugay. IZSU officials stated that the work carried out in the creek was completed with 4 construction equipment, 14 trucks and a team of 28 people. President Soyer stated that he congratulated the working teams by adding night to day and asked for similar practices to be made in other streams.

What was done in Izmir?

Within the scope of the works carried out by IZSU teams, possible obstruction and floods in the stream were prevented in rainy weather. The bottom of the stream was cleaned, the obstacles to the regular flow of water were removed, and the view of the stream was improved by integrating clean water from the sea. The breeding work, which will increase the diversity of species at the point where the Ahırkuyu stream meets the sea, is of great importance for the cleaning of the Gulf.

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