Turkey's Coastal Nearest Ski Resort, Prepares for Season

Turkey's Coastal Nearest Ski Resort, Prepares for Season
Turkey's Coastal Nearest Ski Resort, Prepares for Season

Turkey, where the sea and the nearest ski resort located in the airport Çambaşı Plateau, Army Metropolitan Mayor Dr. It is almost reshaped with the investments realized by Mehmet Hilmi Güler.

Especially Çambaşı central highlands and the renewal, virtually re-built ski resort, which was built in the comfort of 5-star hotels and 12 bungalows is set to become one of Turkey's most prominent tourist attractions with the construction of houses.

Bazaar Center Has Been RENEWED

The exterior and roofs of 62 buildings were renewed by the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality by making an aesthetic touch to the bazaar center, which is the center of the Çambaşı plateau. a new look kazangreat appreciation of those who see an bazaar center kazanwas.


The 5-room, 80-bed hotel, which was built in the comfort of a 120-star hotel by Çambaşı Yatırım A.Ş., which is a partnership of businessmen from Ordu under the leadership of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality affiliate ORBEL A.Ş. and Ordu Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ORDUSIAD), and whose rough construction is still completed. will be put into service.


The ski facilities next to the hotel construction are almost being rebuilt. Construction work continues rapidly in the facilities, where the entire infrastructure has been renewed, the social facilities have been expanded, the number of runways from 5 to 14, the total runway length of 5 km to 15 km, and 100 meters of walking track and track for novice footmen.

12 bungalow houses in the pine forest in the same area are getting ready for the new winter season.


A great attraction with a changing face with its touristic facilities kazanVisiting the bazaar center, hotel construction and ski facility on Çambaşı Plateau, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that their goal is to make Çambaşı a tourism center recognized by Turkey and the world.

“Çambaşı plateau used to be a local center before. Now we are trying to be one of Turkey's most important ski centers and tourist attractions. At the same time, we are trying to make it a center of attraction that can compete with Palandöken and Uludağ and Kartalkaya. Then our goal will be to make it a center that can compete with the world. We act in a planned and programmed manner. We have made it very beautiful with the aesthetic renewal of the facades, ski center and bungalow houses. said.


Stating that the rough construction of the hotel, which was built with the comfort of 5 stars, has been completed and will be put into service next season, Mayor Güler said, “We are building a very nice touristic facility hotel with 80 rooms and 120 beds together with our businessmen. A very good work came out. We have a great work in the tourism field with the ski center, conference hall, facilities where football teams can camp. At the same time, it is the closest touristic center to the sea and the airport, which is our great advantage ”.


Stating that the ski facilities have been almost rebuilt and that they are continuing an intensive infrastructure and superstructure work, Mayor Güler said, “We are making this a new ski center with its infrastructure and superstructures. We are changing the entire system. We are expanding social facilities. While we provide food to 200 people, we make it to serve with 2000 people. It will reach a contemporary comfort with its ski facilities and systems. Also, from time to time, when there is little snow, we will buy a snow machine here. We will increase the number of snowy days of this place, ”he said.

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