Online Education Providing TIO-ÜDY Exemption Begins

Online Education Providing TIO-ÜDY Exemption Begins
Online Education Providing TIO-ÜDY Exemption Begins

UTIKAD is preparing to offer its new training, which provides TIO-ÜDY exemption, to the service of the sector, which is required by companies holding TIO Certificate in accordance with the TIO Regulation. Participants in the UTIKAD Logistics Training, which will be held on the online platform between 7 November 2020 and 26 June 2021, on Saturdays for 6 hours, will have both the TIO-ÜDY exemption right and the Logistics Expertise Certificate issued by Istanbul Technical University.

only records were taken for granted by UTIKAD UTIKAD Logistics Education in Turkey.

International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Providers UTIKAD, industry and members of the international standards and well as efforts to contribute to sustainable development as continuing to conduct training activities for the establishment and development of the logistics culture in Turkey.

UTIKAD continues its educational activities on online platforms to reduce the risk of virus contamination due to the coronavirus epidemic experienced by the world and our country and within the framework of security measures. The fact that the UTIKAD Logistics Training, which will be organized for the first time this year by UTIKAD, will be carried out on an online platform brings with it "equal opportunity in education". Thus, participation in education can be provided anywhere in Turkey.

Participants who successfully complete the training are entitled to the TIO-UDY exemption under the TIO Regulation and the Logistics Specialization Certificate given by Istanbul Technical University. kazanhe's eating.


Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Services Regulatory Directorate General of TİO-FDI familiar exemption is only given by UTIKAD UTIKAD Logistics Training courses in Turkey; Between November 7, 2020 - June 26, 2021, it will be held only on Saturdays for 6 hours on the online platform.

All modes of transport, including multimodal transport, foreign trade, storage and distribution, customs processes, project transportation, insurance, hazardous materials, security and safety and cost management issues, will be conveyed to the participants by the representatives of the sector and the academic world in the light of legislation and operational information. the language of education will be Turkish.

Logistics business owners who want to expand their service range, industry professionals and anyone who wants to bring their professional knowledge to world standards can participate in this training; There is 70% attendance requirement and success in the exams.

The tuition fee is 8.000 TL + VAT, and World Card holders have 9 installments.

Those who want to attend this training given by UTIKAD and get information We ask them to contact via the address.

For UTIKAD Logistics Training 2020 - 2021 Term Curriculum click here

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