New Features Against Outbreak Introduced in Mercedes-Benz and Setra Branded Buses

New Features Against Outbreak Introduced in Mercedes-Benz and Setra Branded Buses
New Features Against Outbreak Introduced in Mercedes-Benz and Setra Branded Buses

In the Mercedes-Benz and Setra branded buses within Daimler, some innovations started to be offered to reduce the spread of travel against the new type of coronavirus pandemic.

The Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands produced as part of Daimler Buses have always had exemplary safety equipment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world, these brands introduced new security measures. The first of these is the new air conditioning system fitted to buses as standard. This system provides protection against infection risk by providing rapid air exchange inside the vehicle. New features include high-performance air conditioning filters with antiviral effects, as well as driver protection doors and sensor-based disinfectant dispensers for buses. Daimler Buses also started offering an optional feature that increases the maximum fresh air flow inside the vehicle by 33 to 40 percent, depending on the model. Some of the new equipment developed by the Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus R&D Center together with the teams in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm can be applied later to existing vehicles or added to new orders placed as of October 2020 during the production phase.

Gustav Tuschen, Head of Product Development and Purchasing, Daimler Buses; “With the latest filter technologies and an above average fresh air exchange rate, our coaches always combine safety and comfort at the highest level. Meanwhile, the use of antiviral function layers allowed us to significantly increase hygiene measures once again. Drivers and passengers can travel safely and without any worry, even during the new type of coronavirus pandemic, provided that the rules of social distance and wearing masks are followed. " said.

Passenger bus providing fresh air every two minutes

The passenger bus, as the name suggests, has a large number of passengers, which can raise concerns about a greater risk of infection. However, the standard technology of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses minimizes the risk. The fully automatic air conditioning system constantly changes the air in the vehicle. Ventilation in the footwell creates a gentle vertical air flow that prevents turbulence. At common outdoor temperatures between 8 and 26 degrees, the climate control system uses 80 to 100 percent clean air at maximum level. The air inside the vehicle is constantly and completely changing every two minutes. Climate control systems operate in mixed air mode at both low and high temperatures. Here, the renewal of fresh air inside takes place every four minutes. For comparison; The air renewal that takes place at least every hour in offices can be completed at least every two hours in other living environments.

Fresh air supply can be increased by up to 40 percent

Daimler Buses, on demand, in the popular Mercedes-Benz New Travego, New Tourismo, Setra ComfortClass 500, TopClass 500 and S 531 DT double-decker bus series, the maximum fresh air content of the air conditioning systems can be adjusted to the maximum fresh air supply up and down the outside temperature range. It offers the option to be increased by 33 to 40 percent. For coach companies, this additional fresh air provided from the air conditioning system greatly reduces the risk of infection for drivers and passengers.

Standard high performance particulate filter with antiviral function

Filter systems with antiviral functions are already used in the climate control systems of Setra buses to effectively clean airborne particles. The new active filters increase this effect even more: High-performance particle filters with multi-layer, progressive design have an antiviral function layer. This allows the finest aerosols to be filtered. Physical tests and microbiological analysis also confirm this effect. Active filters can be used for ceiling mounted climate control systems, air recirculation filters as well as the climate control box.

Active filters can be ordered for both new vehicles and as an upgrade solution for the existing Mercedes-Benz New Travego, New Tourismo, Setra S 531 DT double-decker bus, Setra ComfortClass 500 and TopClass 500 coaches. Suitable active filters for Mercedes-Benz Citaro and Conecto city buses are also planned to be available in the first quarter of 2020. A label that can be seen by passengers is attached to the entrance area of ​​the vehicle equipped with an active filter.

Driver protection doors / partition walls

Bus drivers are inevitably in contact with passengers. To prevent infections, Daimler Buses first developed professional driver protection doors made of safety glass or high-quality plastic polycarbonate for use in Mercedes-Benz Citaro city buses. In the next step, these are starting to be implemented in Setra LE Business intercity buses.

Drivers of passenger buses may have the same protection as their public transport counterparts. Driver protection doors are therefore now available to order for the existing Mercedes-Benz New Tourismo series, Setra ComfortClass 500 and Setra S 531 DT double-decker buses. This feature is not only available for new cars. Studies on the Intouro model will be completed shortly.

All development work was carried out by the teams in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm of the Bus R&D Center in Hosdere, Istanbul, specifically for these vehicles. All assembly trials were made in Germany. As of October 2020, factory delivery for all new bus orders is being implemented as a field solution by After Sales Services for existing vehicles.

Sensor disinfectant dispensers protect passengers

When many people get together, pathogens can spread quickly. For this reason, the non-contact disinfectant dispenser stands out as an important equipment in order to ensure regular hand hygiene. This equipment prevents the user's hands from contacting the device and even the passage of germs through the dispenser is prevented. The disinfectant dispenser with sensor, which can be mounted on door mechanisms, can be ordered for Mercedes-Benz buses from October.

R&D studies of dispensers, which are integrated into the holding pipes at the door entrances in city buses, were also carried out by the teams in Istanbul Hoşdere. As with other precautionary equipment, these features can be added to existing vehicles as a field solution by factory delivery for all new city bus orders as of October 2020, and by After Sales Services for existing vehicles.


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