IMM Started Works for HES Code in Transportation

IMM Started Works for HES Code in Transportation
IMM Started Works for HES Code in Transportation

📩 12/11/2020 18:02

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started to work on the HES Code application in public transportation after the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a circular regarding "HEPP Code Use in Urban Public Transportation".

The circular of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey on “Using HEPP Code in Urban Public Transportation”, in the first stage; It includes “Personalized Istanbul cards”, which are personal electronic / smart travel cards to be used for travels by public transportation within the city.

At the point of integration between Istanbulkart and the Ministry of Health Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application, IMM affiliate BELBIM and Ministry of Health technical teams started the necessary technical integration studies.

Immediately after the integration services, which will be agreed upon by the Ministry of Health, are made ready, IMM will provide the necessary integration within two weeks. Thus, the HES code will be used for public transportation in Istanbul.

With this integration; Personalized Istanbul cards of diagnosed Covid-19 carriers or those in contact with these people, which will be forwarded to IMM by the Ministry of Health, will be suspended.

Those who have a diagnosis or contact and attempt to use public transportation in the city, while they should be in isolation, will be reported to the Ministry of Interior.

On the other hand, IMM; It started working on the personalization of Anonymous Istanbul cards, which are not yet personalized, used for in-city public transportation activities. Information and directions for the personalization of their cards will be sent to such users of Istanbulkart via the internet and mobile application and short message service.


There are 34 million 260 thousand 87 Istanbul cards in total in Istanbul. 8 million 260 thousand 87 of them (24 percent) are personalized.

During the pandemic, the use of Istanbulkart fell. For example, while the number of Istanbulkart actively used in August 2020 was 7 million, 2 million 800 thousand (40 percent) of them consist of personalized Istanbulkart.

In 6 months of active use, a total of 4 million 400 thousand Istanbulkart, 36 million 12 thousand of which are personalized Istanbul cards (100 percent), were used in public transportation.

When we look at the 1-year figures in Istanbul; A total of 5 million Istanbulkart was used, of which 200 million 30 thousand were personalized (17 percent).

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