I Wearing My Helmet Awareness Event in Mersin

I Wearing My Helmet Awareness Event in Mersin
I Wearing My Helmet Awareness Event in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer participated in the awareness activity within the framework of the campaign organized with the slogan "I also wear my helmet" under the coordination of Mersin Provincial Security Directorate.

Helmets provided by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality were presented to the motorcycle riders without a helmet as a representation at the event held in Fenerbahçe Square. President Vahap Seçer also gave a helmet to a driver named Sinan Yıldız. President Seçer told the motorcycle rider who gave a helmet as a gift, “Those who use helmets in motor accidents have a higher chance of survival. "This should no longer be considered as an accessory, but as a necessity," he said.

In addition to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su, Mediterranean Region and Garrison Commander Rear Admiral Fuat Gedik, Mersin Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Necip Çarıkcıoğlu, Mersin Provincial Police Chief Mehmet Şahne and Coast Guard Mediterranean Region Deputy Commander Colonel Çağın Taşkın also attended.

No punishment was imposed for drivers without helmets, helmets were given as gifts

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality provided support for 50 helmets in accordance with TSE standards for the event organized with the slogan “I Also Wear My Helmet”. In the awareness event within the framework of the campaign realized with the support of Mersin Governorship and Mersin Provincial Police Department and many stakeholder institutions and organizations, 3 helmetless motorcycle riders passing by Adnan Menderes Boulevard were stopped. Drivers who do not wear helmets were not fined 132 lira, which is imposed according to the Highway Traffic Law, and they were given helmets and informative brochures. Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su gave a helmet to the first driver and warned the driver.

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer gave a helmet and an informative brochure to the second motorcycle driver stopped by the traffic police. The driver named Sinan Yıldız said that he was doing a takeaway in a tantunicide and rushed to make the order and forgot to wear a helmet.

"Those who use helmets in motor accidents have a higher chance of survival"

President Vahap Seçer, on the other hand, warned the motorcycle driver Yıldız about helmet use and said, “You use motorcycles all the time. From now on you have to use it with this helmet. Because your life is more important than anything, even if it is urgent. You know, those who wear helmets in motor crashes have a better chance of survival. This should no longer be considered an accessory, but a necessity. "I will present this to you now, but from now on, please do not go on the road without wearing a helmet."

Mersin, Turkey ranks 7th in motorcycle use

According to the World Report on the Prevention of Traffic Accidents prepared by the World Health Organization, an average of 1 million 200 thousand people die in traffic accidents every year.

The number of accidents resulting in deaths in Turkey's annual average of 5 thousand 500 level. Motorcycle class vehicles accounted for 22 percent of accidents. Mersin, Turkey ranks 7th in the registered motorcycle use. 660 thousand of the 153 thousand vehicles in Mersin are registered in the motorcycle class vehicle category. While an average of 130 people die in traffic accidents annually in Mersin, around 8 thousand people are injured or disabled. Motorcycle accidents constitute 35 percent of the accidents that occur in Mersin. According to researches, it is reported that the use of helmets has reduced deaths in accidents by 40 percent and head injuries by 70 percent.

With the # BendeKaskımıTakiyorum hashtag, awareness will also be created on social media

Within the scope of the campaign, people who share their personal social media accounts with the hashtag # BendeKaskımıTakiyorum and receive the most likes will be presented with a ceremony in the coming weeks.

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