Large Resource Support from MEB for Secondary School Students

Large Resource Support for Secondary School Students from MEB
Large Resource Support for Secondary School Students from MEB

The Ministry of National Education continues to provide rich resource support to students during the distance education process. After comprehension tests consisting of thousands of questions, skill-based tests, sample question booklets and question support packages, now 5 study fascicules prepared for 6th, 7th, 8th and 60th grades and on the website of the General Directorate of Measurement, Assessment and Examination Services to support students' studies.

Study fascicules are designed in such a way that students reinforce the subjects they will cover in their lessons and gain experience on different question types. In the fascicles prepared as a separate booklet for each unit of Turkish, mathematics, science and social studies lessons at the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels, besides various question types, activities such as matching and puzzles were included.

4 fascicles containing 560 thousand 60 questions covering only the first units were prepared.

In 60 fascicles prepared by field experts; There are 4 questions from only the first units of secondary school Turkish, Mathematics, Science, History of Revolution and Kemalism, Social Studies.
Ziya Selçuk, Minister of National Education, pointed out that they started a great resource mobilization in order to support students' learning processes in the distance education process and to increase their motivation with different question types:
“During the distance education process, we continue to increase the diversity of the resources we offer in order to reinforce our lectures on our television channels and internet portal more easily and to strengthen their understanding with different question types. The support package we publish for our middle school students covers only the first unit at each grade level. Later, we will present working fascicules for other units. In addition, we will prepare and regularly share study fascicles at primary and high school level. I would like to thank Deputy Minister Mahmut Özer for coordinating these activities, Sadri Şensoy, General Manager of Measurement and Evaluation Services, and his colleagues who made great efforts in the preparation of the study fascicles, and our colleagues and teachers in our Measurement and Evaluation Centers in 81 provinces. "

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