Arrangement for Two Roundabouts in Çayırova

Arrangement for Two Roundabouts in Çayırova
Arrangement for Two Roundabouts in Çayırova

The municipality is working to ensure traffic safety and more comfortable transportation. Arrangements were made at the intersection of the Atatürk Mahallesi Adnan Kahveci and Muammer Aksoy Streets in Çayırova district due to the widening of needs over time. Due to the failure of some roads to reach the region, rearrangements were made at the crossroads.


Muammer Aksoy and Adnan Kahveci Streets, which are located on important routes, are used extensively by citizens in Çayırova district. Arrangements were made at the intersection, which is located at the intersection of both streets, due to the increasing needs over time. Considering this situation, the Science Affairs Department teams rearranged the intersection and made it accessible to the citizens coming from 366th Street. In addition, another area on Adnan Kahveci Street was reorganized to ensure traffic safety.


Within the scope of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's working system, many projects implemented by the Department of Science are landscaped by the Parks and Gardens Department. After the intersection arrangement work in Çayırova district, landscaping was carried out at both intersections.

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