3 Thousand Passengers Prefer HAVASAK

3 Thousand Passengers Prefer HAVASAK
3 Thousand Passengers Prefer HAVASAK

📩 20/10/2020 15:08

HAVASAK, which was put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality on September 18, attracted great attention from the citizens. Despite the pandemic period, approximately 3 thousand passengers preferred HAVASAKs in a short time.

HAVASAKs, which started to operate under BELPAŞ, one of the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality affiliates, carry Sakarya citizens to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. HAVASAK, which offers 29 departures and 9 arrivals, with a modern bus fleet of 9 people, where coronavirus measures are applied, provided services to approximately 3 thousand citizens in the first month.

Our city loved HAVASAK

In the statement made by BELPAŞ on the subject, “We left behind the first month of Sabiha Gökçen Airport flights, where our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce shared his good news with our city. Approximately 3 thousand passengers preferred HAVASAK for airport and city transportation. We are grateful to all our citizens who showed interest in our HAVASAK fleet. With our modern fleet of 29 vehicles with a capacity of 5 people, HAVASAKs continue their flights with 9 departures and 9 returns in the first place. Citizens can reach HAVASAK from ticket killing points in 8 branches in total, including City Square, Terminal, Campus, Blue Stop, Çark Street, Şal Street, Erenler Potato Market and Sabiha Gökçen Airport throughout the city. Online ticket sales are made via the number 0850 480 34 54 or via havasak.com.tr and belpas.com.tr. HAVASAKs, which offer more comfortable, safer and healthier transportation opportunities to our citizens, are at the service of all our citizens ”.

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