New Women Train Drivers Will Receive Their Badges From İmamoğlu

New Women Train Drivers Will Receive Their Badges From İmamoğlu
New Women Train Drivers Will Receive Their Badges From İmamoğlu

Having successfully completed the 25th Term Train Drivers Training Program organized by Metro Istanbul, 88 female train drivers received their badges from the President of IMM. Ekrem İmamoğluwill take from In 2020, the number of female drivers in Metro Istanbul, where 92 percent of the recruits are made up of women, will increase to 99.

Turkey's largest operator of urban rail systems of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), organized by the Istanbul Metro Train Driving Training Period from associates 25 have been completed. 88 female train drivers who have successfully completed the trainings that started in February, will receive their badges at a ceremony to be held on Thursday, September 10 at 11:00 at the Metro Istanbul Head Office.

They went through a rigorous training and evaluation process

An average of 25 hours of training was given to candidates who attended the 368th Term Train Driver Trainings. Instead of interrupting education within the scope of Covid-19 measures, some of the trainings continued online. Each candidate traveled 17 kilometers, using an average of 45 hours and 216,2 minutes on the train. As of January 1, 2020, 11 train drivers, 684 of them women, were working in Metro Istanbul. With our 88 new drivers who have successfully completed their training, the total number of train drivers will increase to 772 and the number of female train drivers will increase.

101 of the 93 new personnel are women.

Acting in line with the goal of increasing women's employment, Metro Istanbul created employment for 2020 people, 93 of which were women, in 101. Approximately 2019 applications were made to the company's train driver announcement published in September 7.500. 88 women who applied for the ad; He passed the tough qualifications such as health assessment, exam, interview and training and was entitled to receive his badges.

"Let the number of women increase everywhere, equalize life!"

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, underlining that only 2019 of the 66 train drivers who received a badge at the ceremony held in August 4 were women, I said that day, “Let the number of women increase everywhere, let life become equal”. I am very happy because this year we will give their badges to 88 female train drivers. I am proud of taking big steps towards realizing our goal.”

Since the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus process, IMM uninterrupted transport service that underlines continued to İmamoğlu, "Turkey, like all countries in the world are they also going through a very difficult process. In this process, the role of heroes in transportation services, as well as health workers, is great. They do a very hard job by working very selflessly. God bless them and their families ”he said.

"Thousands of people are entrusted to us"

Noting that more than 2 million people from Istanbul use the subways every day, Metro Istanbul AŞ General Manager Özgür Soy said that they carry around 158-844 passengers at a time with 1000 vehicles at 1500 ​​stations. Expressing that train drivers went through an evaluation and training process in which very challenging and personal talents came to the fore, Soy said, “This program is one of the important initiatives of IMM. We want women to be more involved in business life. We aim to bring women to much better positions, especially in IMM. "Train driver is an extremely important profession, considering the responsibility it imposes."

"We continue to provide uninterrupted service"

Underlining that Metro Istanbul continues to serve uninterruptedly during the pandemic, Soy said, “Despite the negativities of the epidemic process, we continue to increase our service capacity and create employment by opening new lines. All this as a result of the dedicated efforts of our Capital 500 and Fortune 500 list of places where we take of Turkey's most prestigious companies, "he said.

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