Work and Travel 2021

The Work and Travel program is a program for university students, where you can earn money by working and travel. University students from many countries of the world participate in this program. The program is carried out under the consent and control of the United States.

Troy International is a firm that works seriously and meticulously in the overseas education consultancy sector and has sent hundreds of students to the Work and Travel program. TROY International works with 5 expert Sponsor companies, CENET, JANUS, CICD, IENA, WISE, and we will give you information about the Work and Travel 2021 Program with the information we receive from the company that has offices in cities such as Istanbul, Adana, Ankara, Izmir, Gaziantep, Mersin.

What is Work and Travel?

The Work and Travel Program allows university students to travel individually to a world country such as America, meet different cultures, and travel by working. It is also an excellent opportunity to improve your English. The program takes about 4 months. Students who work legally both earn money and gain personal growth. This working life both makes students a part of American life and prepares them for real life. In addition, students who gain work experience and discipline feel more like adults than student status, meeting their own needs during their stay in America. At the end of the program, they return to their countries as self-confident adults who can stand on their own feet.

What are the Application Conditions?

  • Associate (Preparatory and 1st year), Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Course period) students in formal education,
  • Students with intermediate English speaking ability,
  • Students with a GPA of 2 or above (A minimum GPA of 2,60 is recommended for associate degree students).

Work and Travel 2021 Registration Periods

Work and Travel registrations start from August-September. Early registration period and benefits continue until December. Early enrollment in the program is very important in terms of both more affordable program fees and more flexible job options due to job quotas. The deadline for registration is mid-April.

Registration order and quotas are based on job placements. As the number of enrolled students increases, the number of vacancies decreases. For this reason, early enrollment students have more job alternatives due to vacancies. He / she can apply for the jobs they prefer in line with their English language ability, not the job they have to choose.

Work and Travel Accommodation Options

Students usually stay in rented rooms, apartments, and hostels and are paid by the employer. If the employer does not cover the accommodation, the student will pay for the accommodation in this arranged accommodation. They need to provide accommodation fees ranging from $ 65-180 a week. Students generally stay in shared rooms and homes. Although they have their own beds and wardrobes, most of the rooms have microwaves, mini closets, air conditioners and TVs.

Work and Travel Workplace Interviews

Work and TravelWork placement in Istanbul depends on the student's interviews. If you do not pass the interview for a job you prefer, it is a great advantage to make the job placement early so that you can have an alternative job option.

Another advantage of the student who enrolls in the early registration period is that by obtaining his visa easier and earlier, he can buy a round-trip flight ticket at a very affordable price early. Visa procedures are also delayed when students are delayed in applying and starting their procedures late. This affects the student's job start. It is observed that the students who cannot reach the beginning date are not accepted by the employer.

Work and Travel Visa

Considering the reasons that may prolong the student's visa period, all students are advised to register early in order to ensure the healthiest program.

Work and Travel Program Job Options

When choosing work and travel jobs, you should definitely choose the job you want to do. Here are some alternatives for you

  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Swimming Pools and Aqua Parks:
  • Restaurant Cafe and Fast Food

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