We Want To Integrate The Bicycle Into Transportation

We Want To Integrate The Bicycle Into Transportation
We Want To Integrate The Bicycle Into Transportation

Organized with the aim of supporting alternative and sustainable urban transportation modes with public transportation, walking and cycling, the European Mobility Week aims to raise awareness among people with various activities in many cities around the world. Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality participates in the events and arrangements held between September 16-22 with online events, social media awareness activities and various permanent arrangements.

With the participation of many cities in the world and in Turkey as well as many local governments provide support in the leadership of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey 16 to 22 September European Mobility Week is also celebrated in Eskisehir. Various activities and arrangements were spread over a one-week period by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to raise awareness about alternative sustainable urban transportation methods, especially public transportation, walking and cycling.

"We want to integrate bicycles into public transport"

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has added the Historical Odunpazarı District to its pedestrianization activities and closed Kemal Zeytinoğlu Street to vehicle traffic on September 22, Car Free City Day, is also implementing various arrangements this week to integrate bicycles into public transportation. Giving information on the subject, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ayşe Ünlüce said, “Although we cannot meet with our citizens at colorful events this year due to the pandemic, we are holding online interviews, carrying out awareness studies and implementing new practices that will suit us the spirit of this week. The most important of these practices is to close Kemal Zeytinoğlu Street to traffic and to make the historical Odunpazarı District pedestrian and to increase the tourism activity in the region. Another important project is the integration of bicycles, which we believe will be of great importance for Eskişehir in the coming years, to urban transportation and to raise awareness among citizens about bicycle.

In this context, I can state that we have come to an end in a project that we have been working on with sensitivity to further support Eskişehir's existing cycling culture with real bicycle paths. When this project, which we have prepared by receiving opinions from non-governmental organizations, associations and various institutions, is completed, we will have a 50-kilometer bicycle path in the city center. "We want to use the bicycle as a real means of transportation in the city by integrating these bicycle paths with public transportation."

"Bus line with bicycle transport apparatus is starting to serve"

Stating that they implemented a new application during the European Mobility Week, Ayşe Ünlüce said, “We are paving the way for traveling by bicycle in our buses, considering our citizens who enjoy cycling but do not prefer cycling as a means of transportation due to long distances. Within the scope of the application, we first install bicycle apparatus on our buses on our Siyah 63 line running between Otogar and Vadişehir. Thanks to these devices, bike users will be able to benefit from public transportation with their bicycles. If this line receives positive results and the feedback from our citizens is good, we are planning to increase the number of these lines ”and stated that buses with bicycle apparatus will start to serve within the next week.

"Safe parking lots for bicycles"

Ünlüce pointed out that another application they will implement this week is secure bicycle parking lots and stated that this application will start as of next week. In addition to the bicycle parking areas they have placed at various points in the city center, cyclists can now use some open and closed parking lots belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality as free bicycle parking. Ünlüce said, “We continue to place the bicycle parking places where the cyclists can park their bicycles at various points of the city. However, we wanted to create safe areas where they can park for a long time. For this reason, we prepared our bicycle parking spaces in 6 parking lots belonging to our municipality. "Reşadiye (Aş Evi) Parking Lot, Cumhuriye Parking Lot, Kurtuluş (Courthouse) Parking Lot, Dumlupınar Outdoor Parking Lot, Sazova Park Outdoor Parking Lot and Kemal Zeytinoğlu Street Parking Lot are free of charge and safe for cyclists to park their bicycles," he said.

Within the scope of the European Mobility Week activities, on Friday, September 18 at 14.00:XNUMX YoutubeStating that a conversation on Livable Cities and Sustainability will be held on the account of "EbbGençlik", Ünlüce invited the people of Eskişehir to follow this speech. Ünlüce also gave the good news that they will start the construction of a thematic "Bicycle Park" in an area near the Porsuk Stream in the Sümer District as soon as possible.

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