Distance Education Has Closely Affected The Travel Industry

Distance Education Has Closely Affected The Travel Industry
Distance Education Has Closely Affected The Travel Industry

While the rate of case increase in the coronavirus epidemic, which has affected the whole world, caused the new education period to begin remotely, it also closely affected many sectors from stationery to tourism.

Travel industry is one of the areas that feel the negative effects of this situation. Stating that there is activity in the sector during school openings, interim periods and holidays, biletall.com CEO Yaşar Çelik said, “Even the interim holidays that were put into practice for the first time last year made a positive contribution. But this year the situation is different. With the decision of distance education, students' travels were canceled. The absence of educational trips after the quite stagnant summer season due to the pandemic caused the cancellation of both the last move of 2020 and the interim holiday travels that will take place in 2021 ”.

The continuation of the pandemic process is also effective in the new academic year. In fact, the schools, which remained closed for about 6 months, have started a system where pre-school and primary school first-year students will take place face-to-face and distance education as of September 21. As such, many sectors were adversely affected by the situation. One of these areas is the travel industry.

Last Year's Mobility Left Its Place to Recession

Making a statement on the subject, CEO of biletall.com, Yaşar Çelik said, “The start and end dates of the training periods and the interim holiday periods are very important for the travel industry. During these periods, we would see dynamism in places such as bus terminals and airports. The picture is different this year. Our expectation was that there will be a mobility with educational trips since September, but with the announcement of the distance education decision, the planned travels were canceled. In addition, many of the vacationers who want to be protected from the epidemic or those who went to their hometown did not extend their holidays and return to their homes this year. "We have seen once again that very difficult days await the travel industry in 2020 and 2021."


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