TürkTraktör's Internship Program, Test Drive, Moved to Digital Media This Year

TürkTraktör's Internship Program, Test Drive, Moved to Digital Media This Year
TürkTraktör's Internship Program, Test Drive, Moved to Digital Media This Year

The internship program 'Test Drive', which TürkTraktör has been continuing for many years and attracted great attention, has been transferred to the digital environment this year.

TürkTraktör invited 3rd and 4th year students to the Test Drive internship program to prepare future professionals for business life. Applications for the "2020 Test Drive Online 2.0 Program", which is implemented with the goal of continuous improvement and offers students short and long-term internship opportunities, were received at the Digital Koç Career Fair on 15-16 June 2020.All application, exam and interview processes within the scope of the program took place in digital environment.

Right to take part in the program kazanOn the other hand, students will complete their internships with studies that will be carried out on digital media.

There was a high interest in applications made in the digital environment

After the collected applications, the students attended the foreign language exam and interviews. Those who successfully completed all stages were matched with appropriate functions and projects and became a part of the "2020 Test Drive Online 2.0 Program".

TürkTraktör Human Resources Director Osman Özdemir said that they offer the professionals of the future 'a real test drive' before they even step into business life: We moved it to digital media. The interest in our internship program, which we have implemented for many years and where we offer young people the opportunity to experience different aspects of professional business life, has been high this year as well. As a result of the evaluations made while 750 students applied, 52 students are eligible to take part in the 2020 Test Drive Online 2.0 Program. kazanwas.”

Test Drive enables young talents to take a real 'test drive' in business life

Osman Özdemir added that they received the most applications for production and related industrial functions this year within the scope of the 2020 Test Drive Online 2.0 Program; “Our online internship program is held between 18.08.2020 and 15.09.2020. Our interns will take part in projects determined by Product and R&D, Human Resources, Quality, In-House Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Purchasing, After Sales and Production functions. In addition to these, they will learn about the general functioning of the function they project, learn about different functions, participate in online panels and participate in enjoyable and instructive activities that will support their personal development. " he explained.

Özdemir stated that they act with the approach of providing added value to young people in guiding their careers, as in every subject, and during their internships under the roof of TürkTraktör, our young people both get involved in various projects and have the opportunity to see and follow different functions. With our programs, it is very important and valuable for us to contribute to the knowledge accumulation of young talents in order to shape their future careers ”.

TürkTraktör's long-term internship programs will start according to the academic calendar determined by the universities.


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