Women programmer to Turkey's Robot Safety

Women programmer to Turkey's Robot Safety
Women programmer to Turkey's Robot Safety

Women in Technology Association is implementing the 'Robotic Process Automation Software Developer' (RPA Developer) Program for young people who have completed their education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The association, which Denizbank, UiPath and Linktera are among its corporate supporters, continues to progress with important steps to fill the gap in this field by providing job-guaranteed trainings.

Sept. 7 - free from 9 October and online will be held internationally certified training in Turkey and in the framework of digital transformation in the world, one of the featured topics will cover the operation of the robotic automation process large volumes and repetitive tasks. 20 students will be trained in the first phase. Those who complete the training will be able to start working by obtaining Robotic Process Automation Software Developer certificates.

Trainings to Prepare for the Digital Age

10 of every 6 occupations with the existing technology in Turkey, 30% of cases can be automated. With this transformation Turkey, in the next 10 years, automation, artificial intelligence and digital technology will create economic benefits and social change with an increase of 3,1 million job creation potential. Based on this potential, the program aims to train experts in the process of high-volume jobs in the automation process in today's business world, where the transformative effect of robotic software is intense. This way, both reveal a new model for Turkey's labor force needs to be done both contribute to the employment of qualified women. Today, 40% of the workforce in the world is women. A 1% increase in female employment increases the GNP by 80 billion dollars. In addition, if gender and equal opportunities are fully achieved, it is predicted that women's 1% participation in the workforce will contribute an additional 28 trillion dollars to the world economy.

Details of the aforementioned program, on Thursday, September 10, 2020, Chairman of the Board of Women in Technology Zehra Öney, Wtech Advisory Board Member and DenizBank General Manager Hakan Ateş, Wtech Board Member and UiPath Europe Vice President Tansu Yeğen, Wtech Education Committee Chairman and Board of Directors Member Dilek Duman, UiPath General Manager Tuğrul Cora, Wtech Corporate Member and Linktera General Manager Taşkın Osman Aksoy, were shared at the online press conference.

Zehra Öney, Chairman of the Board of Women in Technology Association, made a statement on the subject;

The pandemic process has started a completely digitalized world and a brand new technological society order. The transformative impact of the 21st century we live in, rapidly developing technological services and products that affect every sector and every field; brought brand new areas of expertise and new professions into our lives. In the next 25 years, 40% of existing jobs will disappear. No country is fully prepared for the disappearance of these business branches yet. According to the announced estimates, there will be 2022 million new jobs in 130, of which 70 million will be taken by robots; to do 60% of the remaining 54 million jobs, we will need young people with knowledge and skills about new technologies. By 2025, many jobs will be automated and will begin to take away not only blue collar workers but also white collar workers, and we will encounter a new working class, metal collar workers, namely Robots and artificial intelligence. In this field (Robotic Process Automation Software Developer), which has an employment gap of more than 5 million even now in the world and whose salary scale is very encouraging for our young graduates, investing in our women who are few in number in the technology sector, specializing them and increasing their motivation are very important goals for us. There was a great interest in our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) class, which we, as Wtech Academy, opened through UiPath, Linktera and DenizBank based on this need and necessity, and 20 of our young girls started their education. We look forward to adding new ones to our young people who will receive support in employment at the end of their education. It is already clear that especially our young people who are experts in technology service export will contribute to Turkey's economic value. As WTech Academy, our goal is to make our young people who have graduated from any department of universities but could not find a job, specialize in the new professions of the Digital Age and enter the business world. kazanto climb said

DenizBank General Manager Hakan Ateş emphasized that they are at a turning point where the developments and developments experienced in the history scene in 100 years have decreased to the interval of 5 - 10 years and witnessed the emergence and development of technologies that will change humanity forever, and said that the institutions with a vision are moving towards the future with this awareness. Ateş spoke as follows; “The epidemic period we went through showed us that we can do things that we did not dare to think before. For this reason, only you set the limit where there are technology and people. With this understanding, closing the digital employee gap is of course one of the most vital issues for all sectors. Think about it, young people now choose their financial institution preferences according to whose website is more user-friendly. Their primary need is to be always connected. At this point, we are happy that the Association for Women in Technology opens up digital space for young people with its educational contents, and we continue our support. With our previous trainings, we have seen that yeast catches up. We believe that the 'Robotic Process Automation Software Developer' program will meet an important need in the sector ”. said

Using the transformative power of automation with the vision of 'One Robot for Everyone', UiPath's Europe Vice President Tansu Yeğin, who helps organizations to liberate their employees' unlimited potential, said in his statement: We brought together the close big corporations with Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies. The growth of the RPA expert and software ecosystem is of great importance in order to accelerate Turkey's digital transformation and to enable our companies to compete more effectively in world markets. With this awareness, under the leadership of Wtech, our women's RPA competencies kazanWe are very pleased to support their participation in our technology workforce.”

Linktera General Manager Taşkın Osman Aksoy said, “Digitalization and automation has significantly changed and is changing the way individuals and institutions do business. All future projections show that in the next 10 years, there will be a rapid decline in routine work and with it increasing demand for people who are capable of using robot software that also makes up the DNA of RPA. Those who can increase interaction with artificial intelligence and analytical processes, especially with automation, will be one step ahead. We are accelerating this transformation in the transition process by combining the technology of UiPath, of which we are a Gold Partner, with Linktera's vision and customized approach. With this training, our greatest goal is to prepare our country's human capital for the future in this transition period, together with all stakeholders. made the explanation.

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