Turkey Strengthens the Navy with local and national facilities

Turkey Strengthens the Navy with local and national facilities
Turkey Strengthens the Navy with local and national facilities

Strengthening its navy with domestic and national resources, Turkey is preparing to add new platforms to its inventory recently.

Turkish defense industry, "Fully independent Turkey's Defense Industry" continues to work with the target. With the fact that the "Blue Homeland" is a part of it, activities continue at full speed to increase sea power.

Especially in the last 18 years, under the coordination of the Presidency Defense Industry, many deliveries have been made for the naval systems needed by the security forces in the field, and original products have been developed with local contribution rates of up to 70 percent.

TCG Heybeliada, TCG Büyükada, TCG Burgazada and TCG Kınalıada, developed and produced as a 100 percent domestic design within the scope of the first national warship MİLGEM Project; TCG Bayraktar and TCG Sancaktar, which provides emergency support services with amphibious operations, vehicle and personnel transportation, fire support and assistance in natural disasters, and Oruç Reis Seismic Research Ship, which searches for natural resources in the seas, were the prominent naval platforms in this period.

In addition, submarine rescue master ship, amphibious tank landing ships, SAT boats for underwater attack teams, emergency response and diving training boats, rescue and backup ships, patrol vessels, coast guard boats, speed patrol boats, customs protection boats, Naval Forces Command , Coast Guard Command, General Directorate of Customs, General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration.

In addition, many sea vehicles in the inventory were modernized by adding the latest technologies in accordance with the conditions of the day. The weapon, radar, communication and electronic systems of the built and modernized sea vehicles were equipped with domestic and national products.

All these platforms were implemented with the support of the Naval Forces Command and relevant public institutions, under the main contractor of private shipyards and shipyards affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense, thanks to a wide network of cooperation with subcontractor companies, SMEs, universities and research centers.

New platforms count days to enter inventory

The capabilities of the maritime industry have reached many countries of the world by going beyond the borders of the country. Naval platforms were exported to many countries as a result of the projects successfully implemented by the private sector in the field of military shipbuilding.

The Turkish defense industry continues to work on much larger projects.

In this context, the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship Anadolu, which can transfer a battalion-sized force, whose construction, design and modernization continues with domestic and national means, to the crisis zone with its own logistic support, without the need for home base support, is the MİLGEM Project, the first of the I-class frigates that are the continuation of the ADA class corvettes. the 5th ship at sea Replenishment ship DİMDEG, Test and Training ship the horizon, with a new type of submarine platforms and modernization projects, such as Turkey, and seas will be much more powerful deterrent.

The economic size of the maritime projects completed so far has reached 3 billion dollars. This figure will reach 12 billion dollars with the projects currently underway and planned to be realized in the medium and long term.

The future of the navy

Turkey, in the field of marine systems, offensive to national power based on effective and deterrent naval forces and armed unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as unmanned and autonomous marine vehicles for the use, land-air-that can perform common tasks of marine elements, various combat sea until the aircraft carriers of the submarine platform It aims to develop and export its platforms with advanced technology domestic and national weapon and sensor systems.

Trust in friends, fear in the enemy

Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said that the Turkish nation had a strong navy and a strong maritime tradition in many periods of history.

Emphasizing that they remember this fact much more strongly thanks to the breakthrough in the defense industry and that they are trying to establish a strong maritime defense industry, President Demir said:

"At times it was real but forgotten under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 'The Complete Independent Turkey's Defense Industries' commitment to goals, now the situation has completely eliminate such omissions. Our domestic industrial companies have reached the capability and ability to realize even the ships that are unique in the world at competitive costs. It should not be forgotten that "The world that dominates the sea prevails." This statement of Captain-i Derya Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha is essentially a statement that reveals the importance of a strong naval defense industry. In the light of this promise, as the Presidency of Defense Industries, we will continue to implement our projects under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which will reinforce the stance of our navy that gives fear to friends, trust and enemies.

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