Transanatolia Rally Held Under the Sponsorship of General Tire

Transanatolia Rally Held Under the Sponsorship of General Tire
Transanatolia Rally Held Under the Sponsorship of General Tire

Organized under the sponsorship of General Tire within the Continental group; Turkey's first and only, if one of the toughest races in the world transanatoli Rally Raid 2020 finished at 19-under Kovid measures. The rally, which was run for the 10th time this year, started from the Istanbul Kemerburgaz City Forest and ended in Şile on a route of 2 thousand 850 kilometers. As the “Official Tire Sponsor” of the event, General Tire, besides supplying tires to the participating teams, also provided tire removal and mounting services with its expert team in established service areas. In the race, pilot Kerim Tar and co-pilot Onur Sırımoğlu, who formed the General Tire team, finished the race with the first place in the Raid category.

TransAnatolia Rally Raid, of which General Tire, one of the world's largest international tire and original equipment suppliers Continental, is among the sponsors, was held between 19-15 August 22 with the title of being the first race of this year during the Kovid-2020 epidemic process. The rally that started in Istanbul Kemerburgaz City Forest; Following the route of Bolu Abant, Haymana and Montenegro, the same return route ended at the end of 2.850 kilometers in Istanbul Şile.

The rally, which was held with the participation of vehicles in the categories of motorcycles, 4 × 4 terrain, ATV and SSV, gave the participants a rally experience full of nature, history and culture. 25 vehicles consisting of 37 motorcycles, 4 4 × 3 cars, 5 SSVs and 70 ATVs participated in the race where General Tire was the "Official Tire Sponsor". Istanbul Sile ending race to the finish ceremony of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports General Director Kubilay Kalaycıoğlu, Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency President Dr. Cem Kınay and TRT Sports Coordinator Özgür Buzbaş attended.

One of the toughest rallies in the world ...

Participants in the race, which was held for the 10th time this year and lasted for seven days, enjoyed the ride with General Tire's tires. General Tire is one of the main sponsors of the event with transanatoli Rally Raid stating that they are happy for the support they gave to the organization Continental Turkey Sales Manager Hüseyin İşsever, "To provide participants with the best rally experience was our primary goal. It is very important for us to have achieved this even in such an extraordinary period. The drivers who participated in this adventure also had the opportunity to experience our durable and long-lasting General Tire tires, suitable for all conditions, both in undiscovered difficult terrain and on asphalt roads. Therefore, as in our motto, "Everywhere is accessible!" We are happy to keep his word alive. “We will continue to support motor sports both as Continental and General Tire”.

"You must be able to trust the equipment before you yourself"

Kerim Tar, who is the pilot of the vehicle equipped with the General Tire brand, regarding the Grabber AT3 tires of General Tire, said: “It is very valuable to be able to undertake such an important organization in the difficult period we are in. Adding to this extraordinary situation, the road conditions that can vary while competing in the Raid category, you need to take more precautions. Therefore, here is a very important detail in the tires you use as well as the performance of the vehicles. At the same time, we had to pass very difficult tracks in these races. In such harsh conditions, you should be able to rely on the equipment before you yourself. The Grabber AT3 tires we used at this very point revealed the potential of our equipped vehicle one hundred percent, and thus we achieved a significant success. " said.

General Tire Grabber AT3 tires provide extraordinary grip on the stabilized ground that allows them to be clamped into the terrain and the gripping edges in the innovative tread design. The open back shoulder cleans itself and helps it maintain road holding on muddy roads. The wide sidewalls of the Grabber AT3 tires protect the tire body against stones, rocks and debris in difficult terrain.

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