Trabzon Reaches Modern Taxi Stations

Trabzon Reaches Modern Taxi Stations
Trabzon Reaches Modern Taxi Stations

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality is renewing the taxi stands that create visual pollution in the city center. The renovation work, which started with the Çukurçayır Taxi Stop, won the appreciation of both citizens and taxi drivers.

The work that started after the instruction of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu on the renewal of taxi stands a while ago continues at full speed. The teams of the Technical Affairs Department established the first modern taxi stand in Çukurçayır District and delivered it to the driver tradesmen. With the stops built in accordance with the urban aesthetics, it is aimed to prevent visual pollution and to provide service to the citizens in a more comfortable environment.


Osman Kadıoğlu, one of the tradesmen of Çukurçayır Taxi Station, stated that they were pleased with the renovation made by the Metropolitan Municipality and said, “We have our new modern taxi station. When the renovation works of the other stops are completed, a better view will emerge in our city. This is our bread boat. It has air conditioning, tea stove, sink and sitting area in front of it. We liked the result very much. We would like to thank everyone who contributed, especially Murat Zorluoğlu, our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, for the value he gives to tradesmen and citizens ”.


According to the information given by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the Çukurçayır Taxi Stop is located on an area of ​​20 square meters and the building area consists of 12 square meters. In addition, it was stated that there were 1 air conditioner, kitchen counter, kitchen cabinet, 1.4 square meter toilet and 10.6 square meter office area in the building.



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