Tourism Meeting from Ağrı Governorship

Tourism Meeting from Ağrı Governorship
Tourism Meeting from Ağrı Governorship

A Tourism Sector Meeting was held by the Governorship of Ağrı, where cultural and tourism activities of Ağrı were discussed.

Image and promotional activities organized at the İbrahim Çeçen University Cultural Center; health, belief and cultural activities; nature, winter and sports tourism; The meeting consists of four main topics: investments and sector organization; Governor Dr. Osman Varol, Mayor Prosecutor Sayan, İbrahim Çeçen University Rector Prof. Dr. Abdulhalik Khan, Deputy Governor Ahmet Baycan the Queen, Head of the Mountaineering Federation of Turkey Dr. Ersan awesome, Turkey Ski Federation President V. Jafar Nuroğl, district by district governors, as well as Taşlıçay Mayor Ismet Taşdemir; Institutional directors and representatives, representatives of press organizations, representatives of relevant non-governmental organizations, academicians, researchers, archaeologists, project experts, relevant business owners, mountaineers, bloggers and tour guides.

A new image of Ağrı, social media and traditional promotion, geographical signs and trademark registrations, info tours, geothermal facilities and physical therapy, Ağrı Mountain surroundings and Noah's Ark, İshak Pasha Palace and Ahmed-i Hani, restoration of important works, a new As a ski center, Mount Ararat, mountaineering facilities and social infrastructure, Fish Lake trekking and daily facility infrastructure, trekking routes, accommodation and functional facility investments, supporting sector stakeholders, determining the sector problems and local handicraft subheadings, was held with 75 participants. The Tourism Sector Meeting started with sectoral meetings where each sub-topic was discussed by small groups and continued with the reading of the reports prepared by the groups.

As a result of the meeting, where the general problems in the province and the investments that can be made in the culture and tourism sector were discussed, the evaluation report was prepared and Governor Dr. It was presented to Osman Varol.

After the presentation at the Tourism Sector Meeting, Governor Dr. Osman Varol: 'We organize our sector meetings to make feasibility studies before our projects and to get ideas from experts and stakeholders in this field. Today, we carried out group studies in the field of culture and tourism, which is one of the few sectors that form the core of our activities in Ağrı. ' said.

Underlining that the province has a great potential in the culture and tourism sector, Governor Varol said: “Our city has world-renowned unique values ​​without the need for promotional activities. Our duty in this matter; To realize the infrastructure works that we can offer to the relevant people in the field of sports, health and culture. I believe that by working in cooperation with sector stakeholders, we will carry our Ağrı to the place it deserves at the tourism point, and that we will be able to carry out this work as an example for our country. ' said.

The Tourism Sector Meeting ended with a special session of the "Great Mount Ararat Project" held at the İbrahim Çeçen University Guesthouse, where Mount Ararat was discussed.

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