Sümela Monastery Cable Car Project Has Reached Its Final Stage

Sümela Monastery Cable Car Project Has Reached Its Final Stage
Sümela Monastery Cable Car Project Has Reached Its Final Stage

The first meeting of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Council in September was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu. Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall was thoroughly disinfected by the teams before the meeting.

Mayor Zorluoğlu informed the council members about the work done by the Metropolitan Municipality at the beginning of the meeting, which was held in accordance with the social distance rules.


Mayor Zorluoğlu started his speech by commemorating Hüseyin Türker, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, who recently died due to coronavirus. Mayor Zorluoğlu, who stated that they had a great pain as the Metropolitan Municipality, said, “Unfortunately, we have lost our beloved manager friend, our brother, Hüseyin Türker, who has provided important services to Trabzon for many years. We convey our mercy to him once again; We wish patience to his wife, children and relatives. Hüseyin Bey's death was met with great sorrow throughout Trabzon. He had contact with everyone. Hüseyin Bey's precious wife and children are in our trust. We have given all kinds of support and will continue to do so. We started to build a very large campus in Bulak. It will become the most important support center of the Metropolitan Municipality. The late Hüseyin Türker has a great effort in bringing the work done so far to this point. If you find it appropriate, we would like to call that region the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Hüseyin Türker Campus and ask our deceased brother to be remembered in this city for many years ”.

He wished his condolences to TEKATAŞ

Expressing his condolences to TİSKİ General Manager Ali Tekataş, President Zorluoğlu said, “The esteemed father of our General Manager, in a night's sleep, was reunited with Rahmet Rahman. I went to Elazig for condolences and conveyed your greetings to all of you. I wish mercy from Allah, and patience to our dear brother Ali Tekataş and his family ”.


Mayor Zorluoğlu made the following statements about the works that the Metropolitan Municipality has done and planned to be done in the last month: “The roof covering and general renovation construction work of the Hamamizade İhsan Bey Culture Center, which has been renovating for a while, has reached 70%. I hope it will be completed in a short time. The multi-storey fully automatic car park, which was initiated in the previous period on the tangent road, is at the temporary acceptance stage. It will be put into service very soon. The construction of the guesthouse that we are building in Ortamahalle, Akçaabat district, has also reached the temporary acceptance stage. "


“Women's State is a very important project for us. Excavations are currently underway there. Since it is a sensitive place, we work with the sensitivity that historical and cultural artifacts can be revealed at any time. We are in close contact with the Museum and Conservation Board. So it took a little longer. From time to time, structures emerged, they were technically reviewed by the relevant boards. There is no problem at the moment and the construction process continues rapidly.


“We have done a lot of work to give the Çal Cave a more modern look. The work of ticket, product sales and viewing terrace is at the provisional acceptance stage. We are building an important facility in Altındere Valley on Maçka road. It is a very nice restaurant, on the opposite side, we will also offer it to tourists with some outbuildings. Here we passed the 50% level. We aim to make the year 2021 ready for the tourism season. "


“We reached the level of 90% in the Facade Rehabilitation Project we have done around the Square. Although there were hesitations about the colors in the city at first, we often hear that Trabzon yellow suits the Square very well at the point we come to. 45 buildings around the square have been overhauled, signage and visual pollution has completely disappeared. The architects of this work are our valuable members of the Assembly. I would like to thank our tradesmen and building owners who trade in 45 buildings in the Meydan area for their patience. "


“The tender for the bus terminal project, which we attach great importance to, was held on 18 August. There were 3 participants. They made bids of 56, 64 and 67 million, respectively. There were also non-price elements in the specification. We evaluated it together with them and as of today, the company that offered the most advantageous offer in terms of price came first. We will invite that company to make a contract in the coming days. It is a very important project for Trabzon. It will add value to the region, the bus station, which our Trabzon has been waiting for for many years, will give the city a completely different appearance as an extremely modern and at the same time a work. Good luck with this important project to our city. "


“The tenders for the gasilhane and fire brigade building that we will make in the living area we will create in the Moloz site were made on 23 July, and the contracts were made on 2 September. I hope we will complete this place in less than a year. There, we made a nice modern gasilhane tender to meet the needs of Trabzon near the newly built large mosque. The building of the fire brigade has completed its economic life there. We will demolish it and draw the fire brigade mainly to our Bulak campus. However, we are building a private campus for Ortahisar fire department in Moloz. I hope it will be completed before a year is up. Again, in the area around the mosque, we will make the tender for the open and closed car parks in the coming days. We will have a new living space that will add a great value to the region when we complete that area, saying Kuyumcukent, Eurasia Bazaar, open and closed car parks, wide squares, cafes, eating and drinking places, children's playgroups, touches related to young people.


“We started the work on Performance Measurement and Talent Center in Sports, which we promised during the election period. Currently available only in Ankara Pursaklar. The second is held in Trabzon. We received grants from our Ministry of Youth and Sports and our Ministry of Industry. As a metropolitan, we add a little bit of us. We do not have a problem with both construction and equipment furnishing. Its tender will be held on September 2nd. We are doing it as a new extension right next to the existing TOHM building. We want to take advantage of the accommodation facility there. It is not well known in the public, but this will be the place where athletes will be checked for health. In a city like Trabzon, it will be a very important center where data that can measure and record the performances of all athletes can be obtained. We have also determined the staff to work there and we will send it to a six-month course in Ankara. "


“We are bringing very important public gardens to our city. We put the Akçaabat National Garden into service in the past months. There is a very nice public garden work in Vakfıkebir. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we made additions to the National Garden in Ortahisar Hüseyin Avni Aker. The parking lot was not included in the project, we included a parking garage in the project with our special efforts. We want it to be a living park. For this reason, we put an ice skating rink that never existed in Trabzon. We make it happen. A synthetic ice rink on an area of ​​400 square meters will be completed with the project. Again, we will build a skateboard track in an area of ​​650 square meters. Studies on the public garden continue rapidly. "


“We spent a lot of time on the lodgings of the Regional Directorate of Forestry, which constitutes the second stage of the National Garden. When all apartments are empty, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we will demolish the lodgings on an area of ​​2 decares and bring them to our city as a continuation of our park. We showed the old buildings opposite the Numune Hospital to our Minister of Environment and Urbanization, who came to our city recently. He gave the necessary instructions at the expropriation point. We signed a protocol with TOKI. We will do the expropriation, we will carry out its destruction and we will bring that area to the park. It will be cleared by the sea. "


“There is an area in Moloz where we currently have buses. We were serving in containers such as shacks there. This was not acceptable. For this reason, we wanted to build a transportation building in Moloz, worthy of our Trabzon. Site delivery was made on 11 August. We started working now. When it is completed, we are building a very beautiful transportation building in Trabzon where we can control the transportation from one hand, equipped with electronic facilities and where our drivers can rest. "


“We started landscaping works in Uzungöl, which is a wonder of nature. Green field work, re-coating of pavements and railing works are carried out around Uzungöl. I hope the 2nd stage will be a bigger project. Project work for the 2nd phase is about to be completed. When we put it out to tender, we will create much larger green areas around the lake. The occupations will be eliminated. We will create places where people can come and walk around easily. When the 2nd stage is completed, we will have a magnificent area. We rented a place there as the Metropolitan Municipality. We wrote to the ministry for its allocation. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality, want to exist there. "


“Tender for construction work was held for the Çömlekçi Quarter on an area of ​​2,3 hectares. Contract was made, work delivery was made. We will have the new face of Çömlekçi in a few years. And when this project is completed, it will suit Trabzon very well. We also continue the subsequent demolitions and expropriation procedures. "


“As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are creating a beach in Yalıncak. The project work has been completed for the area of ​​approximately 1 kilometer, some of which is used as a beach. Next to the beach, there will be walking and cycling paths, sitting areas, changing rooms. Everything that should happen on a beach has been planned with the utmost comfort. We expect to receive on auction day. We will do the project in winter. We will open it to the service of our citizens with the sea season next summer. Parking problem and transportation problem are solved here. We are already saying good luck to our city. "


“The multi-storey car park project for the 3rd stage works of the Square has been completed, the tender process has started. It will be taken on the tender day in a short time. We are starting the process of reconstruction of our existing İskenderpaşa car park with a living space above it and approximately 500 cars below it. This also greatly expands the pedestrianized area. We close this area to vehicle traffic. When the 3rd stage is completed, it will add beauty to the beauty of the Square as a new addition.

Reached the final stage of the cable car project

“We have reached the final stage in the Sümela Monastery ropeway project. Specifications were created. Final technical arrangements are made. We will start the tender process soon, as we are about to complete the Tonya market place and parking lot projects. "


“We have an arrangement project between Ganita and Faroz, which we attach great importance to. Ganita was one of the important haunts of this city. It's been a little idle for a long time. We want to bring Ganita back to the city. As the first stage from Ganita to Faroz, we will have completed our beach arrangement project in September. I hope we will get the auction day in October. We want to reorganize Ganita as the point where the sea can be reached from the square in the easiest way and offer it to the service of our people. "


“We prepared the tender file of the Transportation Master Plan. Currently, pre-qualification has been announced. I hope we will complete the tender process in a reasonable time and start the construction process. The Transportation Master Plan will provide solutions to the transportation issues of our city in many ways. In this sense, we attach great importance to the Transportation Master Plan. "


“In Sümela, there is a confusion and parking problem at the point of carrying visitors up. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have created very large parking areas there. We took the responsibility of carrying the tourists up in a ring format. The process continues. Together with our Maçka Municipality, we aim to bring order to that region. We will end the existing mess and move our people at reasonable prices. There, we are also building an alternative road that passes through the forest, which can be regarded as parallel to the main road for about ten kilometers. When that road is completed, an alternative route will be created for our people who will go to the plateaus above, not to Sümela. Its infrastructure has been completed to a great extent, its covering remained. We will make that coating in the form of cube stones in accordance with the region. "


“There has been a great disaster in Giresun, especially in Dereli. We once again wish God's mercy on our citizens who passed away. We share the pain of our neighbor Giresun. As the Metropolitan Municipality, I would like to share that we are with our neighbor in difficult times and that we struggle with all our means. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we supported with 18 personnel, 10 vehicles for search and rescue works, 10 sprinklers for washing works and various construction equipment. As TİSKİ, our teams worked with 20 personnel and 7 vehicles, 14 of which were fully equipped. Our friends are still working there. "


“Important work carried out by TİSKİ in all districts continued in August. At this point, we have started the project of changing Ortahisar drinking water network, which is a very big project. A 565-kilometer drinking water line will be completely changed. Five teams are currently working at Beşirli and Kalkınma. Of course, we see this not only as a drinking water project but also as an opportunity. We also made a tender for 100 million lira of rain water and sewerage line. In other words, while doing drinking water work simultaneously, we also eliminate sewage and rain water deficiencies where necessary. In addition, we are creating telecommunication infrastructure within the scope of smart city applications. In other words, we are forming our channels to lay fiber optic lines around 400 kilometers. Our citizens may experience difficulties from time to time during this three-year project. I ask my precious fellow citizens to be understanding during this period. When it is completed, there will be no drinking water, sewage or rain water problem in the center of Trabzon for many years. "

Following the speeches of the President Zorluoğlu, the discussion of the agenda items of the parliament started. The Assembly meeting ended after 25 agenda items were discussed and transferred to the commissions.

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