STSO President Eken: TÜDEMSAŞ Will Not Be Closed, Its Capacity Will Be Increased

STSO President Eken: TÜDEMSAŞ Will Not Be Closed, Its Capacity Will Be Increased
STSO President Eken: TÜDEMSAŞ Will Not Be Closed, Its Capacity Will Be Increased

Our Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) July-August Unified Assembly Meeting was held as a video conference under the chairmanship of Çetin Yıldırım.

After reading the summaries of the July Assembly Meeting, trial balance and expense lists were discussed and accepted by majority vote. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Eken gave information about the work done.
Stating that they held the meetings with video conferencing due to the process, President Eken said, “Dear friends, we are holding both of the August and September meetings today, we would love to do it face to face again and we will continue with video conference for a few more months. I hope we will overcome this pandemic process as soon as possible and we will all return to normal life ”.

Stating that the negative effects of the pandemic process on the business world continue to increase, Eken said; “The pandemic process continues and the problems grow. With each passing day, our tradesmen and traders are facing more and more difficulties and bans have started to come. We are with our members in this process. We continue to visit our members who are affected by this process, listen to their problems and troubles and convey them to the relevant institutions. "

Eken stated that they visited Adil Karaismailoğlu, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure under the leadership of STSO regarding TÜRASAŞ, to which TÜDEMSAŞ is also affiliated, and said, “Our Minister conveyed to us that there is no such thing as the closure of TÜDEMSAŞ, on the contrary, its capacity will be increased. Here, we explained the contributions of the relevant institutions to our cities together with the presidents of our 3 provinces. TÜDEMSAŞ made the purchase of goods from Sivas and there was 5 million lira and money inflow to the monthly market. Our request from our minister was to continue purchasing goods from Sivas. They also stated that they will give instructions and we agree to buy it from the domestic market. He also shared with us the information that the High Speed ​​Train will start at the end of the year ”.

Underlining that they made statements about the problems faced by medical companies and that the issue was brought to the agenda by other provinces, Eken said; “Our medical companies, which cannot collect their receivables from public hospitals, are having hard times during the pandemic process. We see that the problems and troubles of medical companies are increasing day by day. In these difficult days, our medical companies have come to the brink of bankruptcy as they cannot collect their receivables. After the statements we made on the subject, many of our chamber presidents in our country made similar statements. Subject Rifat've passed our president and he was transferred to the relevant institutions reported stating that matters to us TOBB Turkey will be organized a joint meeting with the Medical Council. We will continue to follow the matter. "

Stating that a joint workshop will be held with Sivas Municipality under the leadership of Sivas Governorship to make the city ready for High Speed ​​Train, Eken said, “We visited our Mayor Hilmi Bilgin and discussed the High Speed ​​Train Workshop planned to be held. In this workshop, we will include the managers of our Chambers, the tradesmen organizations in our city, our Chambers of Tradesmen and all relevant stakeholders. If we have deficiencies, we will complete it quickly and make YHT members and the whole city ready ”.


Stating that the distribution of Vizyon magazine, which is the media organ of our chamber, has started to be carried out, Eken said, “Our Vision Magazine, which includes the services of our chamber for 2 years, consists of 248 pages and was published in 8 thousand copies. We have collected many topics in this magazine such as our main activities, incentives, what we do about hemp, our meetings with our Ministers, our work for our members, our innovations that increase our service quality. We released the magazine from our Chamber with our sponsors without any contribution. We covered the main cost of the magazine with our sponsors. In this sense, I would like to thank all our sponsorship companies. We have always said that we will consider the interests of our Chamber, we will consider the interests of our members. We are not wasting a penny of our members. "

With the campaign led by our Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Eken gave the good news that a new bus was purchased to Sivasspor and that the delivery will be made in the coming days, saying, “Sivas became one and we bought a new team bus befitting our most important brand, Sivasspor, with the campaign initiated by our Chamber. I thank everyone who supported. The point I want to mention here is that we did not make the exterior design of our new bus. Our club built it himself. There were also rumors that the logo of Our Room was not visible in the photos of the bus. Our club officials also returned to us on this issue and informed us that the logo of our Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be placed on the bus. This week the new bus will come to Sivas. Our bus will take a tour in the square and we will deliver our bus next to our Congress Building. We hope that our Sivasspor will be the champion this season and we will take the championship tour together with our new bus ”.

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