Community Transportation Line Routes Updated in Samsun

Public Transportation Line Routes Updated in Samsun
Public Transportation Line Routes Updated in Samsun

The timetables and routes of the public transportation bus lines serving in Samsun city center were rearranged.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department has updated the hours and routes of 32 public transportation lines in the city center. Some lines have been merged, and some routes have been changed. The lines, which have also changed their departure times, will be put into practice as of tomorrow.

The application, which was re-analyzed and restructured in public transportation lines in order to operate the public transportation lines serving in Samsun's Atakum, İlkadım, Canik and Tekkeköy districts more efficiently and to use the vehicle fleet more effectively in meeting the demands of the citizens, will be implemented as of September 15.

E2 Express Line, E7 Express Line, E8 Express Line, T1 Terminal Line, T2 Terminal Line, 4/6 Line, R26 / 27 Ring Line, 1/9 Line, 3A due to the fact that there are different lines operating on similar routes with the new application. Line No has been canceled.

Line no 13 and line no 19 will be combined and serve under the name "Line No 13/19". The expedition, which will start from the Soguksu Movement Directorate, will end in Pelitköy TOKI and Büyükoyumca.

Line 22 and line 23 will be combined, starting from Soğuksu with the name "Line 22/23" and will serve between the Bus Terminal.

Line 40/43 has been canceled; Ring Line service was received with R43 code, which will provide transportation from Tekkeköy tram station to Çarşamba Çınarlık District and Airport.

The route of the 12/17 Line was arranged as the Soguksu Movement Directorate-OMU to provide access to the Hacıismail Neighborhood, since Line No.1 / 9 would be canceled.

Line 24 will operate 24 hours a day, 24 / A and 24 / B on 2 different routes (Line 24 / B at the beginning of the hour, Line No 24 / A in other time zones). Lines 23 / A and 30 / B by the Private Public Bus Drivers Association until 24:24, Samulaş A.Ş. It will operate Line 24 / B between the hours of 00: 06-00: 24.

The route of Line 28 was arranged between Soguksu Operations Command and Çatkaya, since Line E8 would be canceled.

The route of Line 14 has been updated as Büyük Cami-Atatöy TOKİ due to the cancellation of the R26 / 27 Ring Line.

The route of the R6B Ring Line was arranged as between Baruthane Tram Station and Bus Terminal, going through 4 August Street and Barış Boulevard due to the cancellation of Line 6/30.

Timetable and routes of all bus lines put into service www.samsun.bel.t is It can be accessed from.

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