Entry to Salda Lake and Beach is prohibited

Entry to Salda Lake and Beach is prohibited
Entry to Salda Lake and Beach is prohibited

One of Turkey's Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning in Salt Lake a unique beauty of the new measures taken to move to the next generations have been added. As of October 15, it will be forbidden to enter the lake and use the beach in Salda's region called "White Islands". Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum said, "Our efforts continue to ensure that the lake, a wonder of nature, always remains beautiful and lives for generations."

Murat Kurum, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, stated that they constantly monitor the ecosystem and water quality of Salda Lake, and reminded that the protected area of ​​Salda Lake and its surroundings was increased 7 times with the decision of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the area was declared a Special Environmental Protection Area. The Minister Institution listed the measures they have taken to protect Salda as follows: “We demolished the illegal buildings in the region and created usage areas consisting of natural materials, where only our citizens can meet their basic needs. We prevented parking cars near the lake. We declared the area around the lake to be a smoke-free area. With the 24-hour active camera system, we took the region into the protection circle and our citizens also http://www.saldagolu.gov.tr We have enabled him to follow it instantly. "

"We have added a new one to the measures we have taken"

Stating that they have implemented the recommendations of the Board of Environment and Natural Assets consisting of academics and representatives of non-governmental organizations for the protection of Salda, the Authority said:

“In line with the new recommendation of the Board, we added a new one to the measures we have taken in and around Lake Salda. The most important feature that distinguishes Salda Lake from other lakes is its unique white beach. This beach owes its color to a delicate ecological interaction. Most of our citizens visit this area. Therefore, the greatest damage around the lake occurs in this area. The White Islands region is the incubation center of the structures that host endemic species and give the lake its color. With the decision we make in line with scientific research and reports, we prevent these structures from being crushed and reduced. Accordingly, as of October 15, the lake will not be entered, swimming and beach will be used in the 'White Islands' section. As the Ministry, we have also started our work to determine the number of visitors in the White Islands region, depending on the carrying capacity of the approximately 1,5 kilometer coastline.

Stating that this new decision and work they have taken in line with the recommendation of the Board is a part of the Salda Lake Environmental Protection Project, the Institution said, “With this decision, we are making Salda's unique beauty even more protected. Our only goal is to preserve this unique beauty and pass it on to future generations. used the expression.

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