Health Minister Koca: 'Let's not let the epidemic weaken the society'

Health Minister Koca: 'Let's not let the epidemic weaken the society'
Health Minister Koca: 'Let's not let the epidemic weaken the society'

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement to the press after the Coronavine Scientific Board Meeting held at Bilkent Campus.

In his speech, Minister Koca stated that 6 months were left behind in the epidemic, and that 7 thousand 185 lives ended in a similar way after the first patient died.

Saying, “Today, we and the world are in a more difficult period in the face of the attack of the virus”, Koca emphasized that the number of serious patients is over 1300 today and that the total number of cases is 100 thousand, the lessons that humanity will learn from the events are neglected all over the world and the epidemic is gradually escalating. drew.

According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO), Koca reminded that the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus has exceeded 29 million 500 thousand worldwide and the number of people who lost their lives approached 1 million, Koca said, "In the epidemic, England 41 thousand 637, Italy 35 thousand 624, France 30 thousand 950, Spain lost 29 thousand 848, Belgium 9 thousand 927, Germany 9 thousand 437. The number of deceased, may be taken into consideration when compared to countries such as Turkey, Germany, reveals that we have shown success in treating a "shared knowledge.

"Contact screening of every person with a positive diagnosis was made"

Expressing that the coronavirus epidemic is an epidemic approaching the end, Koca said, “The troubles appear bigger than when the remedy has not yet appeared on the horizon. When the remedy appears, endurance and strength increase. If we continue on our way acutely without getting bored, if we follow the mask and distance rule meticulously, we will not witness those images that will not be erased from memory, where the world is the scene due to Kovid-19. "We are strong and we must continue to remain strong in this period, when the power of states is tested with their strength in health."

Minister of Health Koca, stating that every patient who was diagnosed as "positive" has received the necessary health services regularly since the beginning of the epidemic, and continues to receive the necessary health service, said, “A contact screening of every person with a positive diagnosis has been made. It continues to be done. "The number of our filming teams, who are the trackers of the virus, has increased from 6 thousand to 11 thousand 238".

"The burden of our healthcare professionals has increased four to five times"

Noting that the detection strategy applied in combating the epidemic imposes responsibility on the health system, Koca continued as follows:

“An average of 100 thousand tests are performed every day and treatment is initiated for anyone who has a positive result, be it carrier or patient. The increasing number of new patients and serious patients has not prevented anyone from receiving treatment until today. Compared to the first period, the burden of our healthcare workers has increased 4-5 times. The only support you can give them in this struggle is to protect yourself from the virus ”.

Emphasizing that it is not possible to identify everyone carrying the virus and isolate the carriers, although it is attempted to reach all contacts of the detected cases, Koca said, “Since it is not possible to know all the carriers, it is the basic logic of the measure to look at everyone as carriers. If you do so, you will help us manage the growing problem. "It is possible to return to numbers that do not arouse fear with pronouncement with strict caution."

"Precaution is a health and moral rule"

“Unfortunately, the epidemic is not taken seriously by everyone. Saying that 'nothing will happen to me' understanding has not disappeared, Koca said, "Even if the person does not think of himself, he is conscientiously and morally obliged to think of another. Precaution is a health rule and a code of ethics. The number of serious patients, which reached 7 missing and 186 as of yesterday, should be a warning for all of us. Every carrier, every patient, and as a result, every case, as a society, diminishes something from our strength, our morale, our excitement to live, as in deaths. "Let's not let the epidemic weaken the society."

Emphasizing that it would be wrong to perceive the epidemic as out of control recently, Koca said, “It is true that we have also increased the bed capacity in provinces such as Diyarbakır, Konya, Van, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, Mardin, Şanlıurfa and Batman, where our hospital burden has increased and health investments have been brought forward with the effect of density. The fact that we can solve problems before they turn into crisis is a proof that the problem is under control. We believe that in this war, everyone has the same determination as us. Let us be determined to mobilize measures to reduce this burden on our health army working day and night. Let's each of us be on the alert again against the disease ”.

Referring to the vaccination studies, Minister Koca said: “Now it is time to say what we wish to hear most until today, but without leaving the vigilance. As I emphasized in my speeches before, history has not recorded an endless epidemic. Scientific developments point out that the end of this epidemic is near. The human mind will soon be able to declare its victory against the coronavirus. The information reflected in the world public opinion on vaccination is the information that gives hope, maybe a remedy. We can say that the scientific world agrees that results will be achieved by the end of the year.

There are currently 3 vaccines whose preparatory work is in Phase 9. England, Germany and China have started the practice. We also continued our work on the one hand their vaccinations as Turkey, we began to supply our enterprise applications at the earliest. Today Courtesy of the Ministry of Health of China Sinovac vaccine first application of the Hacettepe University in Turkey began on 3 volunteer health workers. This means that we may be experiencing the last critical months of the epidemic. "

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