Roketsan Opens the Door of Lalahan Facilities to Press Members for the First Time

Roketsan hosted press members at Lalahan Facilities
Roketsan hosted press members at Lalahan Facilities

Roketsan, one of the top 100 companies in the defense industry, opened the door of Lalahan Facilities to the press for the first time.

under the sea for the local and the national defense industry, air and space no longer producing systems that are effective in enhancing the competitiveness of Turkey ROKETSAN, Ministry of Defense Industry Presidency Chairman Prof. Dr. With the participation of İsmail Demir, he shared the latest technological developments with the members of the press and answered the curious questions.

At the press meeting in Lalahan Facilities, SSB President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, Chairman of the Board of Roketsan Prof. Dr. Faruk Yiğit, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Musa Şahin and Roketsan General Manager Murat İkinci attended. At the meeting, the latest products and future targets of Roketsan, which has been developing technology for the domestic and national defense industry for 32 years, were discussed with Turkish scientists, engineers and technicians.

Opening the meeting, Roketsan Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Faruk Yiğit stated that they are a company that designs and produces high technology, "The average added value in the products it sells out in Turkey, around $ 1,25 per kilogram. The value of the products we produce as Roketsan is around 2 thousand -2 thousand 500 dollars per kilogram. We are proud to be beneficial to our country's economy with products with high added value. she said.

ATMACA is ready for the toughest conditions

Providing detailed information on Roketsan's latest technologies, SSB President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced that the last verification shot of the ATMACA missile developed for Mavi Vatan protection was successfully executed. Stating that ATMACA will strengthen our power in the seas, Demir, “Our ATMACA missile has passed dozens of tests to date and has been very successful in the last verification shot recently. After that, a final shot with ammunition will be made. We are planning to put it into the service of TAF by the end of the year. dedicate.

Roketsan General Manager Murat İkinci emphasized that ATMACA found the target without GPS in the last verification shot, “This shot was a scenario that involved testing ATMACA in the harshest conditions. It reached its target with high precision from a long distance with its completely GPS independent, only internal inertial navigation unit. We prepare our missile for the toughest conditions " she said.


Placing the first target satellite in space at 400 km orbit

During the meeting, Turkey's completely images showing the first step of the indigenous sounding rockets shot into space with self-developed technology was also shared with the press. SSB President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir stated that the studies are continuing for our country to have the satellite launching, testing, production infrastructure and the capability of establishing a base, which only a few countries in the world have, “Our first goal is to place a 100 kg satellite in orbit at the level of 400 km. We have liquid and hybrid fuel engine technology capabilities, especially solid fuel. We are working to develop them in various sizes and abilities ” saying; ROKETSAN General Manager Murat Second, Turkey's access to space in 2017, at the end of this year they plan to go to the right 135 km altitude, in the long term 1-1,5 tonne satellites, said they aimed to attain the ability to launch into space.

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