Guide Foster Family Application Is Coming

Guide Foster Family Application Is Coming
Guide Foster Family Application Is Coming

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services added a new one to its efforts to effectively carry out the foster family service it offers for children in need of protection and care. bringing a team mentoring system with the Ministry of experienced foster families, families with candidate Turkey will train experienced foster parents, foster families by choosing among the over 6.200 numbers in general.

The Ministry aims to increase the quality of the service by implementing another important service with the “Guide and Foster Family System”. It is planned to support families that are included in the foster family system with the project, which will enable experienced foster families to take more roles in the service.

The Guidance Foster Family System will inform candidates and new families about child care and healthy development. The counseling process, which includes the transfer of experience from family to family, is expected to make it easier for new families to manage the process.

Guiding Foster Families Will Play an Active Role

Guide Foster Families will play an active role in the promotion of Foster Family Service. Experienced foster families will take an active part in the promotion campaign titled "Foster Families, Foster Family Explained" to be launched. With the Guide Foster Family Application, these studies will be made more systematic. First of all, the waiting adoption families will be discussed. These families will be encouraged to be a foster family.

Foster families will tell their neighbors and relatives about the service

Support will be received from existing foster families to explain the foster family service to their neighbors, relatives, other parents in schools where children attend, teachers and school administrators. There are many foster families who encourage their neighbors and siblings to be a foster family and are very successful in this regard. Guide Foster Families will actively take part in the activities to be carried out to raise awareness on the concept of volunteering in the society.

The system, to be implemented in Turkey General

The Guidance Foster Family system will be implemented in all provinces, primarily those where there are many foster families. The operability of the application throughout Turkey kazanIt is aimed that all foster families, who will take care of children in time, benefit from the support of guide foster families.

What is Guiding Foster Family?

Guide Foster Family is about the service of experienced foster families who provide care to children in need of protection for a certain period of time and have made positive contributions to the development of children. kazanIt is defined as a mechanism to ensure that the knowledge and skills they have learned are shared regularly and systematically with prospective foster families and other foster families. Through the application, it is planned to enable prospective foster families and new foster families to find answers to their questions regarding the foster family service processes, and to provide practical additional support in the preventive nature of solving the problems encountered during the service process.

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