What is PTT Kargomat? How to Delivery with PTT Kargomat?

What is PTT Kargomat? How to Delivery with PTT Kargomat?
What is PTT Kargomat? How to Delivery with PTT Kargomat?

In the coronavirus process, cargo purchase and delivery is one of the most important issues for citizens. Citizens, who take particular care to buy products without contact, resort to various methods at this point.

PTT cargo system is used for products purchased through E-PTTAVM. This is one of the order forms popular with citizens who want to receive contactless delivery. Well, what is PTT kargomat? How is delivery made with PTT kargomat and how is this system used?

What is PTT Kargomat?

I epttavm.co For your orders, whose desi information and product type are suitable for Kargomat delivery, you can use the Delivery from Kargomat option to leave your packages to the relevant Kargomat without having to wait for cargo at home or at work. Thus, you can receive your orders safely and 7/24 after they are released to Kargomat.

How to use PTT Kargomat?

When purchasing a product on ePttAVM.com, you can choose the products suitable for delivery to Ptt Kargomat and place an order at the closest Kargomat to your home.

1. In order for you to receive the product you will purchase from Kargomat, the detail page of the product is as shown in the image below. Delivery to Kargomat There should be a yellow box written. "Add to Cart" or a product with this phrase. Buy Now Add it to your cart by clicking one of the buttons.

2. After checking the products in your cart and making sure they are correct, click on the "Checked Products" button to proceed. After clicking the button, if you are not logged in, you will be directed to the login screen. On this screen, you can log in to your account or continue your shopping as a guest.

3. When you come to the address selection screen, if the products in your basket are suitable for delivery to Kargomat, I Want the Cargo to Kargomat button will be visible. You can continue by clicking this button.

4. Enter all the required information in the "Personal Information" field.

5. In the Kargomat selection section, you can view the Kargomat around you according to your location information by clicking the "View Nearest Cargo" button, or you can choose a Ptt Kargomat from the map or list by selecting the province-district.

6. After making your Kargomat selection, you can proceed to the payment stage by confirming the check box at the bottom of the page and clicking the "I Confirm My Kargomat Selection and Personal Information" button. You can complete your order by finalizing your payment with the payment method suitable for you at the payment stage.

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