Ozone Media Continues to Grow in the Digital Marketing Sector!

Ozone Media Continues to Grow in the Digital Marketing Sector!
Ozone Media Continues to Grow in the Digital Marketing Sector!

Ozon Media, a company that does its business professionally in digital platforms, has been serving continuously and uninterruptedly since 2009. Providing 100% success guarantee in the services it provides Ozone Media In 2020, it became one of the fastest growing companies in digital media. Ozon Media, which has made a name for itself especially with its Health Advertising agency services, is the fastest way to move businesses to the digital world during the Corona virus pandemic period. kazanIt attracted attention as one of the agencies that resisted.

Ozon Media, which manages the pandemic period well and does not leave its customers without support during this period, provides professional services in many fields from web design, e-commerce site designs, social media planning to health advertising agency services.

Onur DOĞRU, the founder of Ozon Media, underlined that the digital world has evolved, especially in the Corona Virus pandemic, and said, “Digital flow, which slows down in the 21st century, has a certain routine, and it is necessary and necessary to accelerate. kazanwas. In this process, we have worked harder to continue the flow of our customers in the digital world and to ensure that our new customers adapt to the digital world. We have made the names of our customers, which we support both remotely and with training, more mentioned in the digital world with both SEO services and social media advertisements. While the second wave of corona virus is expected, we have moved many new businesses to the digital world and we continue to do so.

Pandemic Process Increased Social Media Usage

There are 77.390.000 phone users in Turkey, 62.070.000 of these users can access the internet. So, how many Turks use social media and in what proportions? The net number of Turkish users on social media is 54 million. If we compare this number to the population of Turkey, 64% of our country logs into social media. It is known that the number of Turkish users on Instagram is 38 million, on Facebook 37 million, and on Twitter 11 million 800 thousand registered users. From this point of view, the effect of social media on brands is also very important. kazanhe's eating. Ozon Medya stands out as a company that supports brands in social media planning. Ozone Media Onur DOĞRU, the founder of social media, states once again that it is important to understand how important a good social media planning is, considering the increase in the use of social media during the virus period and adds: It was important, but the Corona virus enabled this situation to be weeded out by those who were much better managed and left to flow. This revealed where brands went wrong and it was a period of wrong correction. Now it will be time to experience the pros of working in a more professional and well-planned way. In short, doing something good from bad for the future has been the gift of the pandemic to the digital world.

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