Attention to Faulty Measurement in Auto Expertise

Attention to Faulty Measurement in Auto Expertise
Attention to Faulty Measurement in Auto Expertise

Turkey in 62 provinces, serving 160 points and the country's largest auto appraisal company, Pilot Garage's General Coordinator Cihan Emre, along with the movement of the second hand car market in June, cases of fraud that drew attention to the significant increase occurred.

Saying that many citizens suffer due to faulty and incorrect measurement machines and dyno systems, Emre said, “Currently, we know that the authorization certificates of nearly 30 companies will be canceled. Many of these companies use equipment that measures incorrectly. People are experiencing great grievances due to these structures that do not give confidence, measure with poor quality devices and insist on not employing qualified personnel. In addition, we would like to warn you that maximum attention should be paid to the stamp, wet signature and the date the report is issued against the structures that issue false expertise reports.

With the increase in demand for second-hand cars in recent months, there has been an increase in fraud and fraud in vehicle trading. Pilot Garage General Coordinator Cihan Emre pointed out that unapproved, poor quality paint measuring devices and dyno systems are used in many expertise points across the country and deliberately ignored, and pointed out that the most important issue in the expertise is trust. “For example, we know that dyno data are inaccurate at many points of expertise. There are too many expertise companies that reach incorrect data by measuring vehicles with drums and bad software with less weight due to cost, and the authorization certificates of all of these companies will be canceled. At the end of the day, inaccurate information is given to vehicle users. Without exception, these companies mislead people by taking 93-95 percent engine power data in every vehicle with very different conditions. Unfortunately, the rate of companies with TSE certificate in the sector is only around 15 percent. "This situation means that our citizens are deceived, they become victims." He also underlined that it is necessary to pay attention to the stamp, signature and the issue date of the report against fake expertise reports.

SCT increase will negatively affect the whole sector

Emphasizing that both the second-hand and auto expertise sector will be adversely affected due to the tax base regulations in the SCT that entered into force on August 31, Emre

“Although the latest SCT regulation is reflected in the lowest segment as a 3 to 6 percent discount, there was a 13 to 23 percent price increase in upper segment cars. Only a few models of cars currently on sale can benefit from the 45 percent tax bracket. In this case, with potential investments to Turkey to adversely affect the automotive sector, employment will be adversely affected. In the second hand, there will be a great increase in the prices of SUV, crossover, B, C and D segment passenger cars, especially with high model years. It is now very difficult to reach the estimates made for the sector at the end of the year for the auto expertise, second hand and zero mileage vehicle market ”.


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