School Support Project Continues in Homes during the Pandemic Period

School Support Project Continues in Homes during the Pandemic Period
School Support Project Continues in Homes during the Pandemic Period

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, said that they made new regulations by changing the implementation of the School Support Project for children who continue their education at home during the pandemic period. Selçuk said, "We will continue the School Support Project, which we continue to implement at homes, in line with the pandemic process, in the new education period, within the scope of the measures determined in the upcoming period." said.

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services did not leave disadvantaged children studying between 5th and 8th grades alone during the pandemic period with the School Support Project initiated within the scope of Social and Economic Support (SIA) service. Minister Selçuk said that within the scope of the School Support Project, the situation of the children of families in need is re-planned in line with pandemic measures.

We Provided Materials Regarding the Age and Education of Our Children

Stating that they called the families benefiting from the project during the pandemic period and got information about the situation of the children in their homes, Selçuk said, “We determined the appropriate materials and delivered them to the families of our children. In addition to the resource books we have determined according to the age and education of our children, we have delivered to our children the paint materials and intelligence games that will make it enjoyable to spend time at home. We organized reading activities at homes. We informed mothers, fathers and children about the use of educational materials in order to carry out the activities in the most efficient way. " he spoke.

Self-confidence of our children has increased

Noting that they received positive feedback from families and children regarding the activities carried out within the scope of the School Support Project, Minister Selçuk said, “When we looked at the feedback received, we observed that the self-confidence of our children within the scope of the project increased. said.

2020 Children Enter 95 Percent In 10

Stating that they provide source books to help children prepare for exams, Selçuk said, “We also provide guidance to children in choosing high school in line with their interests and abilities. According to the LGS center scores of 2019, 46 children entered the 10 percentile and got points over 400; In 2020, this number increased to 95. " He spoke in the form.

Minister Selçuk stated that 2020 children who achieved success by entering the 10 percent percentile according to 37 LGS center scores were placed in Science High School; He noted that 8 children entered Social Sciences High School, 8 children entered Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, 3 children entered Teacher High School and 39 children entered Anatolian High School.

16 Thousand Children Benefited from the School Support Project

Minister Selçuk also said that according to the data of July 5, a total of 8 thousand 2020 children benefited from the School Support Project, in which children studying in the 16th and 229th grades are supported by academic, social, cultural and sports activities.

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