Awarded by Technofest for the Electromobile named Alatay Developed by Students

Award from Teknofest to the electromobile named Alatay, developed by the students
Award from Teknofest to the electromobile named Alatay, developed by the students

Pamukkale University (PAU) ATAY Team won the second prize in the Domestic Product Incentive category with its electromobile vehicles named Alatay in the Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races organized within the scope of the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST) 2020 under the leadership of TÜBİTAK.

Turkey Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology Ministry in the executive; Which aims to transform #milliteknolojihamle of a society that produces set out Turkey's technology with the slogan, Turkey's leading technology companies, public institutions, media organizations and carried out with the support of the university TEKNOFEST 2020 Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Racing concluded.

TEKNOFEST to 2020 different technology categories in the competition held in 21 covered 81 provinces in Turkey, 20 thousand 197 teams made the application. Alternative energy electric vehicles; The organization, in which it competed in two different categories as Electromobile (Battery Electric) and Hydromobile (Hydrogen Energy), was held at Kocaeli Körfez Race Track between 1-6 September.

TEKNOFEST 2019 in Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicles "Domestic Product Promotion" category with his ELEKTROMOBILE tool Alatay Turkey who obtained the third ATAY team by moving to a higher level of success this year, he managed to print the names of finalists 20 teams in Turkey second to. Atay Team at the same time; He received the "Promotion and Dissemination Incentive" award for his outstanding efforts to promote the Electric Vehicle Races and raise awareness in the society.

In addition, PAU ATAY Autonomous Team with its vehicle named Alatay; Within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2020, it became one of 7 teams, 10 of which were from high schools and 2020 from different universities, competing in the Robotaksi Passenger Autonomous Vehicle category in the final races, the third of which was held between 2-15 September 17 this year. 14 teams that managed to pass the technical controls competed in the final. Competence in autonomous vehicle technologies, original design, algorithms and reporting kazanPAU ATAY Autonomous Team competed successfully in the finals in the TEKNOFEST Robotaksi Passenger Autonomous Vehicle category.

Acting Rector Prof. Dr. Kutluhan: "Our efforts to raise our young people who catch the technology trends of the future and will direct technological development with their projects will continue from now on as it is today."

Following closely the competitions held within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2020 on digital platforms, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan said: “We are proud and happy to participate with more teams in different categories this year, with the experience gained from last year at TEKNOFEST, which has made a significant contribution to the national technological move of our country and enables our young people to realize the projects they dream of. Project-oriented work is indispensable for the whole world at the point we have reached today. Today, where there is easy access to information, the meeting of qualified manpower around a common purpose with an interdisciplinary work and the transformation of existing information into a project is a necessity of the age we are in. It makes us very happy to see that our students work together in line with these principles and goals. Pamukkale University and Pamukkale Teknokent A.Ş. I firmly believe that our efforts to raise our young people who catch up with the technology trends of the future and who will direct the domestic and national technological development of our country with their projects will continue as it is today. By following the struggles of our students live on the internet, we shared their excitement. I congratulate all our teams competing in TEKNOFEST, their consultants and team members and wish them continued success. "

Thousands of young people in mission-critical technology areas for Turkey and the race team, our country turned into a society that produces technology and well-trained young people, which aims to promote TEKNOFEST 2020; It will end with the final competitions and award ceremonies to be held at Gaziantep Airport between 22-27 September 2020.

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