Mustafa ceceli

Born on November 2, 1980, the artist is from Ankara. First, he won the Ankara University Veterinary Department. When he was in his 3rd year, he won the Business Administration Department of Yeditepe University and left Ankara and came to Istanbul. Professional music life started in those years.

His first interest in music was noticed by his family at an early age, and his teacher, who took piano lessons, said that he should receive conservatory training. At a young age, he starred in a series (Village Doctor) and in the movies Can Suyu. Mustafa Ceceli, who made demo recordings during his university years, had the opportunity to do his first professional job in 2003. Arranged the songs of Merih Ermakastar. Later, he debuted Kenan Doğulu's songs as an arranger and met Sezen Aksu and made arrangements for the songs 'İkili Madilik', 'I can't go' and 'Null' At the same time, he shared the same stage with Sezen Aksu and gained a rise. He became a guest artist in the album that Enbe Orchestra released in 2007. He sang Sezen Aksu's song 'I Can't Forget'. Mustafa Ceceli was awarded the 'Best Debut Soloist' award at the 35th Golden Butterfly Awards with this song he sang.

He released his first single song 'Limon Çiçekleri' in 2008 and was very popular. Later, he released his first album named 'Mustafa Ceceli'. At the 37th Golden Butterfly Awards, this time she received the 'Best Debut Artist' award. His second album was released in 2012 under the name 'Es'. Two of the songs in this album entered the most listened songs lists of TTnet Music. This song received the 'Best Song' award at the 2rd Pal Fm Music Awards and 2013th Radio Boğaziçi Music Awards in 3. He released the album Kalpten in 10 and received the 'Best Album' award from Ege University 2015th Media Awards. That same year, Irem Dericiler my heart sang with the arranger of the song itself has a single owner from Turkey to 4. Music Awards' Best Arranger Award "is given. He has 3 more albums with We Come For Love and I Broke My Chains. Hit Mp3 Download 2020

In addition to music, he continues to arrange. Among the people Mustafa Ceceli has arranged are Ajda Pekkan, Sertap Erener, Nil Karaibrahimgil, Tarkan, Nilüfer, Emre Aydın, Murat Boz and many famous singers.


2009: Mustafa Ceceli
2012: Es
2014: From the Heart
2015: We Come For Love
2017: Love Broke My Chain
2020: Mustafa Ceceli Ask Your Dreams Album Download
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