Minister Koca Met with Health Directors of 6 Provinces

Minister Koca Met with Health Directors of 6 Provinces
Minister Koca Met with Health Directors of 6 Provinces

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement to the press after the Regional Assessment Meeting held in Diyarbakır where the provinces of Diyarbakır, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Batman, Siirt and Şırnak were discussed.

Minister Koca visited Diyarbakır Governor Münir Karaloğlu at the first stop of his program and received information about the coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak and health investments in the city. Stating that the course of the coronavirus epidemic in Diyarbakır and the health investments in the province are two of the most important agenda items, Koca stated that they had the opportunity to obtain information and consultation about the course of health services, their needs and demands for solutions.

"Turkey filyasyo in the world, that is one of the best countries that follow the contact"

Saying, “While the number of cases in some provinces remains constant or decreases, we witness some pictures we did not want in some provinces where the epidemic was under control before,” Minister Koca said, “Diyarbakır has become one of the provinces where we have seen high case increases recently. "We had troubled days not only in Diyarbakır, but generally in our Southeastern Anatolian provinces."

Emphasizing that they continue to fight with the governors, provincial directors, chief physicians and the health army in the region, Koca said:

“With the rapid and effective interventions we made during this period, today the situation has been taken under control to a great extent. We rapidly increased our existing 200 filings team to 385. I always underline that the sooner we can isolate contacts, the better we will be in epidemic control. Turkey filyasyo the world, so contact one of the best countries that follow. Today, I can easily say that our case rate has decreased by 3 percent compared to 49 weeks ago. "

Minister Koca, who came to Diyarbakır to see the situation in the region on site and to find solutions to issues requiring urgent intervention, the current situation in the provinces in the meeting held with the participation of the provincial health directors, chief physicians and field coordinators of Diyarbakır, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Batman, Siirt and Şırnak in the governorship meeting hall, evaluated the needs and health infrastructure.

Minister Koca, in his statement to the press members, stated that they completed the investigations in Diyarbakır and discussed the latest situation in the region, and that they evaluated the current situation and health services in Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Batman, Siirt and Şırnak by keeping Diyarbakır as the center.

Stating that they frequently emphasize that the normalization they have started since the beginning of June is not to return to the old life, Koca said:

“The important thing here is to keep severe illness and loss of life to a minimum with a controlled management. However, we have seen that our sociocultural structure, habits, traditions, social relations and responsibilities bring us face to face with an uncontrolled social life. Unfortunately, there were environments where distance was forgotten and masks were not worn. We immediately saw the reflections of this.

We lived through this process more in our Central Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions, where family ties are the strongest and strongest, known for their devotion to their traditions and customs. "

Stating that they are reviewing the hospital planning rapidly and meeting the increasing needs such as medicines, test kits and materials, Koca said, “In Batman, the occupancy rate of intensive care is 79 percent, the rate of respirator occupancy is 44 percent. Intensive care occupancy rate in Diyarbakır is 66 percent. respirator occupancy rate is 17,5 percent. Intensive care occupancy rate in Mardin is 81 percent, respirator occupancy rate is 44 percent. In Siirt, the occupancy rate for intensive care is 62 percent, respiratory device occupancy rate is 12 percent. “Our intensive care occupancy rate in Şırnak is 74 percent, and our respirator occupancy rate is 31 percent”.

bed occupancy rate of 51 percent in Turkey

"In Turkey, 51 percent occupancy rate, intensive care occupancy rate of 68 percent, the occupancy rate is 31 percent contained breathing apparatus. Koca stated that our priority is to stop the increase in the number of patients, otherwise these measures may also be insufficient for a solution after a while ”, emphasizing that contact screening is of vital importance in combating the epidemic.

The number of radiation teams has been increased

Stating that they increased the number of filming teams from 118 to 385 at the beginning of the epidemic in Diyarbakır, and each filming team consists of 3 people, Koca said that with the instructions they gave today, the number of filming teams would reach 450 in a few days.

The number of filming teams from 27 at the beginning of the epidemic in Batman to 100, from 55 to 110 in Mardin, from 58 to 80 in Siirt, from 176 to 330 in Şanlıurfa, from 28 in Şırnak. Noting that they increased it to 54, Koca said, “We reduced our time to reach contacts in Diyarbakır to 12 hours. Thanks to these measures, the increase in the number of patients was stopped and the number of active patients started to decrease. There is a decrease in the rate of turning the contacts into cases ”.

Number of cases dropped

Stating that there has been a decrease in the number of new cases in this way, Koca said, “Recently, 34 percent in Şanlıurfa, 49 percent in Diyarbakır, 47 percent in Mardin, 56 percent in Batman, 37 percent in Siirt and Şırnak. "There was a decrease of 42 percent."

3 city hospitals and 3 hospitals will be built

Explaining the details of the hospitals to be built with 6 in the Southeast, Koca noted that they will start the construction of Şanlıurfa City Hospital as soon as possible, and that a land site has been determined for the city hospital with a thousand beds in Diyarbakır and that the project tender will be made this month.

Stating that studies are continuing for the 500-bed state hospital in Şırnak and Batman, Koca said, “We will include our 750-bed Mardin City Hospital in the 2020 investment program. I would like to state that all these investments will be made by covering the general budget. I wish that these important steps we will take towards the dynamic population and increasing health needs of the region will be beneficial to all our citizens. The hospitals of our 6 provinces in 3 provinces will be built as city hospitals. "3-bed state hospitals will be built in the other 500 provinces," he said.

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