Legend for Women Racing Pilot Michele Mouton Rally of Turkey in Marmaris

Legend for Women Racing Pilot Michele Mouton Rally of Turkey in Marmaris
Legend for Women Racing Pilot Michele Mouton Rally of Turkey in Marmaris

In the history of the World Rally Championship (WRC), one race kazanMichele Mouton, the first and only female rally driver of the time, was born in 1981. kazanHe met in Marmaris with a similar Audi vehicle that he used in his race.

Audi's legendary quattro all-wheel drive system celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 'quattro' with various events all over the world, Audi does not forget the legends that contributed to quattro becoming a legend.

A race in the history of the World Rally Championship (WRC) kazanMichele Mouton, who is the first and only female pilot at the moment, is one of them.

2020 FIA World Rally Championship 5th race with and the Republic of Turkey Presidential patronage, Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) organized by Turkey Michele Mouton from Marmaris to Rally, where he encountered a big surprise.

The legendary pilot was born in 1981, which caused his name to be written in gold letters in the history of motorsports. kazanHe met with the similar Audi quattro vehicle he used in the Sanremo Rally.

Michele Mouton, “40 years have passed, I haven't forgotten quattro…”

Saying that he took a trip to the past when he saw the Audi quattro vehicle, Mouton said that he still could not forget the past 40 years and the Audi brand was always with him. Stating that he fought in the WRC as an Audi driver between 1981 and 1985, Michele Mouton said that they had many successful results during this time, including rallies in Portugal, Greece and Brazil. kazanThe first race I did not attend was the Sanremo Rally. It was absolutely stunning to see what was possible in the Audi quattro. This race was extremely important because it allowed me to be a part of the family, but also because we proved that women can rise to the top in this sport.” said.

We will see more women in motor sports

Michèle Mouton, who has been the chairman of the Women in Motorsport Commission (WIMC) - Women in Motorsport Commission, which is currently under the FIA, since its establishment in 2009, said that they are working towards the inclusion of more women in this sport. Michele Mouton stated that the commission was established to promote the place of women in motor sports, to encourage more participation of women in this sport, and to show that motor sports are open to women in all aspects. Mouton: “By investing and encouraging the future in motor sports, where many successful women take part, this sport; We aim to ensure that more women participate in every field from piloting to organization, from technical service to management. " said.

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