Tender for Mersin Metro on October 9

Tender for Mersin Metro on October 9
Tender for Mersin Metro on October 9

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer was the guest of the "We Have a Promise to SUN Face to Face" program, which was broadcast on SUN TV screens and prepared and presented by Semir Bolat. Mayor Seçer, celebrating the new broadcasting period of the SUN TV family that has joined Tepe Media Group, explained the services they have realized as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in the program. Mayor Seçer, who announced that they will be tendered for the metro project on October 9, made important statements on many issues such as road asphalt works, change works in Kültür Park, investments of MESKİ and social services.

Tender for Metro on October 9

Mayor Seçer announced that they will go out to tender on October 9 to realize the metro, the vision project of the city, and said, “We received an additional request regarding the extension of the period by 20 days. Its date was September 21. This was the demand of very effective and competent companies. Because they will get the financing from abroad. They requested an additional 20 days from us. We were also reasonable. We want it too: let a large number of effective and competent companies enter and strengthen the competitive environment. to Mersin kazanIt is a very important investment that we will make. It will affect Mersin's traffic, public transportation, traffic on the streets and boulevards, and will also affect its social life. An important project on the way to becoming a civilization city is the metro. It is the investment of the developed city. There is no subway in an undeveloped city. It is also suitable for Mersin. Kazanwe want to climb. Hopefully, the tender will be on October 9th. They have stages. We will finalize it in a short time and hit the digging as soon as possible”.

  Map of Mersin Metro

Mayor Seçer, who stated that he did not reproach the question of the loan request rejected in the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council, but there was a contradiction, continued his words as follows:

“I wish success to all of our council members. They are also involved like me. They also know and see the facts. Politics prevents them from having some truths done. Even if they want to do the right things, they cannot do it. I hope we will overcome it soon. We borrowed we did not borrow money; These are of course important for the budget balance of the municipality. We have made a budget. It was adopted in the Parliament in November 2019. It is accepted that; In the budget adopted by the votes of the council members who voted against the borrowing authority today; I already asked them for the amount I wanted in the voting for budget balance. Look, I said: I have this far in this area. I will make this investment here. My incomes are as follows: here is my own revenues from Maliye, Iller Bank, but I have this deficit. I will cover this deficit by borrowing. I will create budget balance. I made my budget of 2 billion 255 million liras and the members of the parliament said 'okay' to me and the budget was passed unanimously. Now, the Mayor is not authorized to borrow money from the Metropolitan Municipality in the borrowing item included in the same budget; This is of course a fierce contradiction. I leave it to the discretion of the public. This may come to the fore in the coming days. There is a parliament in October. Maybe in November. We can repeat the request for authorization to borrow again for budget balance. "

President Seçer stated that despite all the negativities, he will continue the investments by opening new ways and said, “It is at the discretion of the Assembly. We will continue our work under all circumstances. We will also make the road, we will make the subway tender. We will build a crossroad and a park. MESKI will also have investments. I have no justification for not being authorized to borrow. Let people erase this from their minds. Vahap Seçer Presidents do not have the time to waste their time and energy in such shallow waters. Mersin also does not. If they gave me 150 million liras, what would the world be? They are not doing something that should be done. The public will see this, the citizen will evaluate it, but I will find an alternative. I will ignore their interference and find other doors. God is great. A door closes and a door opens. Mersin is strong, the Municipality is strong, and the mayor is faithful and powerful. At the moment there is no situation to delusion or trouble. The important thing is to avoid political and economic instability in the country. "

MESKI continues important works at 27 points throughout the city

Stating that MESKI continues its infrastructure works such as rainwater, drinking water and treatment plant in 27 points of the city, Mayor Seçer continued his words as follows:

“MESKI provides important services. Currently, MESKI has production at 27 points. There are increment facilities in two regions, potable water, rainwater, productions where underground equipment is made and sewerage works in 11 regions. We do not want Mersin to be flooded in heavy rains. Our rainwater, drinking water and treatment facility works are continuing in Akkent, Vatan Caddesi, Karacailyas, Kızkalesi, Yalınayak Mahallesi, Silifke. These are important investments. These are investments made underground. Our citizens do not see this at the moment, but the return of these investments will occur in heavy rains. We will see how important investments are. At 14 points in Kültür Park where rain water lines connect to the sea; It was neglected for two years, not maintained, and clay layers formed in front of it; cleaning them friends. We do not want Mersin to keep its infrastructure problem. In preparation for winter, loophole manhole work is extremely important. MESKI started its work a month ago. We plan to end our work before the rains begin. MESKI is everywhere. It continues its work from stormwater line to drinking water network, from sewage to treatment. All these investments will ensure that there will be no water shortage even in extraordinary situations in the coming days. "

"The actors of the whole city work in harmony and there is a sound harmony"

Mayor Seçer emphasized that the citizens of Mersin live in peace and happiness regardless of their identity. “Mersin is a city of peace. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. People can walk around here in peace. Synchronized and harmonious working of institutions; These are municipalities, our governorship, gendarmerie, other non-governmental organizations, political parties; The actors of the whole city work in harmony and there is a sound harmony. This is extremely important. One should know the value of this and not spoil it. District mayors, especially the Governor's office representing the state and the Metropolitan Municipality at the local level, should be very sensitive. "We need to hear what comes out of our mouth," he said.

139 new vehicles arrive for road construction work

Mayor Seçer stated that the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department and the Department of Technical Works are also continuing their superstructure investments and said, “All our apartments work extraordinarily. I am getting very good returns on the road; from citizens and mukhtars. 139 new vehicles are coming for road asphalt. All these equipment used in road asphalt construction such as trucks, cylinders and patch robots will be more modernized when they join our vehicle fleet. Works are continuing in the center and districts in many areas such as bridges, bridge junctions and culverts. We have a 4-bridge intersection project in the center. The fourth ring road will be opened. The first phase, starting from Akbelen to Mezitli, is about 1.5 kilometers; its legal infrastructure is ready. Their expropriation is over. Only machines will enter and boulevards will open. We will apply the model on the next boulevards there first. In other words, all kinds of needs will be considered on that boulevard to the finest details. From the length of the pavement to the dimensions of the road, from the median width to the bicycle path, this is very important. We will start very soon. We are waiting for the tender to be concluded. Both there and the Forum Interchange will start soon. Asphalt works continue on various streets, ”he said.

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