Themed Bus Stops from Mersin Metropolitan

Themed Bus Stops from Mersin Metropolitan
Themed Bus Stops from Mersin Metropolitan

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality gives the city an aesthetic and colorful appearance with little touches. While the buildings appeal to the eyes with the aesthetic touches made, they also attract attention with their artistic content.

Working in this context, Metropolitan teams placed special design stops in the area of ​​Dumlupınar High School in Yenişehir District and at the entrance of Mersin University.

With the stops that are colorfully stylized using educational tools and materials, it is aimed to create a positive feeling in students and to give aesthetics to urban furniture.

Students will wait at special design stops

Architects working within Mersin Metropolitan Municipality carried out a different work at the request of Mayor Vahap Seçer and prepared a project that will create positive emotions in students waiting for public transportation vehicles. Creating an entertaining and colorful bus waiting area based on the tools and equipment used by the students, the architects also carried the art to the station. In a part of the stop, Melih Cevdet Anday's poem 'Living is Good' was written.

In the themed stop, there are many studies, from the periodic table to the map, from the mirror to the education calendar.

"Our aim is to make urban furniture aesthetic, to make them artistic and designed"

Architect Güliz Çetin, from the design office of the Department of Studies and Projects, stated that upon the request of President Vahap Seçer to make special design stops to be placed in front of the school, themed stops were placed in Dumlupınar High School and university stops, and explained the work done as follows:

“Our design goal was to create a stop that creates fun and positive emotions using the tools used in school. For this, we used a ruler as a carrier system, since we actually engrave centimeters on the ruler, everyone will be able to measure their height. Right behind the ruler, we printed Melih Cevdet Anday's poem 'To Live is Beautiful'. This is a poem that emphasizes goodness and beauty. We created a notebook with a spiral in the corner. We printed the periodic table on one side of the spiral notebook, this table will meet the learning needs of students while they wait. On the other side, we placed the 2020-2021 academic year work schedule. We added another leaf to create three dimensions in our notebook. We envisioned to print current announcements on this sheet. We wanted to make our students smile by placing a mirror on the outer cover of our notebook with the slogan 'Mersin are Always Beautiful'. At the back of the stop there is a map showing the immediate surroundings and where we are located. In this way, we will design stops in different themes in different parts of the city. We can call these themed bus stops. Our aim is to make city furniture aesthetic and add aesthetic value. Making them art and design. "

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