New Step by MEB 'Online Parent Meeting'

New Step by MEB 'Online Parent Meeting'
New Step by MEB 'Online Parent Meeting'

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk stated that while preparations for opening the schools for face-to-face education on September 21 are continuing, primary school 1st grade teachers and school administrations will start to hold online meetings with parents before the first lesson bell.

Minister Selçuk pointed out that the change of life out of control due to the epidemic caused fear and anxiety. Selçuk said that the children were also affected by the families' fears and anxieties. Stating that the new normal life that will be created with the measures to be taken will gradually decrease the worries and thus make the children feel safe, Selçuk underlined that preparations are continuing for the opening of the schools with face-to-face education on September 21, and that an unusual new process will begin for parents with the opening of the schools.

Noting that their children's education at school some days and at home some days will also change the plans of parents about their own lives, Selçuk said: "For this, the relationship between school and family is more important than ever. kazanwas. While we may have parents who want to see their children's school, cleanliness and hygiene status, and the precautions during the education on site, there will also be parents who want to learn the status of the school from a distance but through constant communication, in their busy schedule.

For this purpose, our school administrations will be able to hold informative meetings and interviews in small groups or individually in order to inform our parents in detail about all kinds of issues, as well as online meetings remotely using various communication channels such as telephone and internet. Before the first lesson bell of face-to-face education, our primary school 1st grade teachers will also start to have online meetings with parents. The important thing is to keep the communication channels open and get the support of our parents, who are an important stakeholder in the education system. "

Noting that they have prepared a guide to help teachers in parent communication in the new period, Selçuk said, “This guide includes important details such as the epidemic process and the new normal parental control, approaches to the educational process at home, personal hygiene and social distance habits, and our teachers, students, parents and schools It will establish a safer connection between them and further strengthen communication. " used the expressions.

Minister Selçuk wished children, who are the most valuable assets in life, to meet on healthy days.

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