Mavi Vatan is Safer with ATMACA

Mavi Vatan is Safer with ATMACA
Mavi Vatan is Safer with ATMACA

President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN gave two important good news from our national pride, Roketsan, which is among the top 30 companies in the defense industry, on August 100 Victory Day. Participating in the opening of Roketsan's Satellite Launch Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center and Explosive Raw Material Production Facility, President ERDOĞAN declared that we have left a major milestone in reducing foreign dependency both by reaching space and with our national raw material production facilities.

Turkey in space, the images were shared for the first time

At the Satellite Launch Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center, which was opened, many new and high-tech system and subsystem development studies, including the Micro Satellite Launch System Development Project (MUFS), initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industry, will be carried out. The size of the projects carried out in the center exceeds 9 billion TL. When the MUFS project is finished, micro satellites of 100 kilograms and less will be placed in Low Earth Orbit, which is at least 400 kilometers in height. Turkey, few countries in the world to have a satellite launch, testing, will have gained the ability to produce infrastructure and building bases. Tests related to the micro satellite, which is aimed to be launched in 2025, were successfully carried out. With the first domestic probe rocket launched with national technologies, the 130 km line, which is accepted as the border of space, was reached by reaching an altitude of 100 km. President ERDOĞAN shared the images of this successful test with the public for the first time. Turkey, completely throwing the first step into space with their developed technology in this way, "under the seas to the depths of space" task has been undertaken by Turkey ROKETSAN space to carry league. When our native satellite is launched into space, a secure flow of information will be provided to our country. Our satellite, which will contribute to the future of the country in every field from agriculture to war intelligence, will make it easier for our soldiers by providing instant information and coordinates.

New Generation Artillery missile to cooperate with UAV and SİHAs

Test shot images within the scope of the laser seeker head integration work on the TRG-2020 Missile System launched by Roketsan in April 230 were also published for the first time. In these images, the laser marking of Bayraktar TB2 SİHA produced by BAYKAR was successfully hit by the Laser Guided 230 mm Missile System (TRLG-230). Laser Guided 230 mm Missile System (TRLG-230) will be able to hit targets marked by UAVs and SİHAs from land. This new development will strengthen our soldiers on the field.

Abroad dependence on explosive raw materials decreases

Thanks to the Explosive Raw Material Production Facility, which was opened by making a live connection to Roketsan's facilities in Elmadağ, our explosive raw material needs will be produced nationally to a large extent. This capability, which is critical for missile and rocket warhead explosives and reactive armor systems, will significantly break its dependence on abroad.

Mavi Vatan is safer with ATMACA

President ERDOĞAN also showed the capabilities of the ATMACA missile, which he mentioned, with a video. The ATMACA missile, which was developed with national technology for the protection of the Blue Homeland and followed the target until it destroyed, is planned to be put into service by the Turkish Armed Forces by the end of the year.

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