MAN and NEOPLAN Family Celebrates Konrad Auwärter's 80th Anniversary

MAN and NEOPLAN Family Celebrates Konrad Auwärter's 80th Anniversary
MAN and NEOPLAN Family Celebrates Konrad Auwärter's 80th Anniversary

In the 85-year journey of NEOPLAN, which produces fascinating buses with innovative technologies and extraordinary designs, people who have achieved extraordinary work with their passions have an important place. The company; Konrad Auwärter, who has been on the road for more than half a century and has developed the world's first double-decker passenger bus, the NEOPLAN Skyliner, is one of the most significant in its dynamic and exciting history. Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Konrad Auwärter, who has made history in the bus industry, the MAN and NEOPLAN Family wished a healthy and happy age.

Under the success story of NEOPLAN not only special designs and innovative technologies, but also the people who have made extraordinary contributions by supporting the brand from the very beginning. Konrad Auwärter is one of the most influential names in NEOPLAN's journey from the past to the present, with the fascinating buses it produces, on the roads all over the world today. With a unique passion for bus, Konrad Auwärter was founded 85 years ago by Gottlob Auwärter GmbH & Co. He was born in 1940 in Stuttgart as the second son of Gottlob Auwärter, who founded NEOPLAN with the name KG.

80 years old Konrad Auwärter, creator of NEOPLAN Skyliner

Konrad Auwärter, who started a job as an auto mechanic apprentice in the family business in 1955, later attended the School of Engineering for Vehicle Body Building and Automotive Design in Hamburg. His graduation thesis on double-decker buses as part of the scheduled voyage fleet formed the basis of the widespread and successful double-decker buses the company will produce in the following years. In 1965, Konrad Auwärter became head of the company's repair department, and in 1973 he became the manager of the second NEOPLAN production plant. The company; Konrad Auwärter, one of the most impressions in its dynamic and exciting history, and the development of the world's first double-decker passenger bus, NEOPLAN Skyliner, turned 24 on 80 August.

"He is an extraordinary personality in the bus industry"

Celebrating Konrad Auwärter's new age, Rudi Kuchta, Head of MAN Truck & Bus Bus Sales, said: “Konrad Auwärter has been an integral part of the NEOPLAN brand to this day. On behalf of MAN and the NEOPLAN family, we congratulate him warmly on his 80th birthday and send our best wishes. He is an outstanding personality in the bus industry and has made history. The entire bus and truck industry has benefited from the momentum created by NEOPLAN. It is no coincidence that the brand is synonymous with innovation, exclusivity and stylized design. Operators, drivers, passengers and industry experts all admire our outstanding passenger buses. "This is manifested in the numerous awards NEOPLAN has received throughout its long history, as well as the titles that today's Tourliner, Cityliner and Skyliner models have won so far."

The journey of 85 years is described in the book "Auwärter NEOPLAN Buses"

The successful journey of NEOPLAN from past to present was revealed in a book by Hans-Joachim Pilz, the company's former Promotion Manager and former Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus Germany. Hans-Joachim Pilz's book titled “Auwärter NEOPLAN Omnibusse-Auwärter NEOPLAN Buses” was published on this date for Konrad Auwärter's 80th birthday. In his 340-page book, Hans-Joachim Pilz traces the company's development from a small wagon manufacturing workshop to a global group of companies, from the double-decker coach to passenger-friendly low-floor technology, from the development of the 15-meter class and high-cabin model to innovative ideas. He told the success story in the development of the technical product.

From the first NEOPLAN to today

Today, there are very important days in the history of NEOPLAN, which produces exclusive buses with advanced technology and extraordinary designs. The first of these is 1953. Manufactured in the factory established in 1935, NEOPLAN first hit the road in 1953. The founder of the company, Gottlob Auwärter, who designed a completely new type of bus with its supporting body, started marketing this new bus under the name NEOPLAN, which means "New Passenger Transport Vehicle" or "New Plan." Another important day in the history of the company is 20 June 2001. . At this time, Gottlob Auwärter GmbH & Co KG was taken over by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, headquartered in Munich. Setting the basic standards in bus production with the models it produced back then, NEOPLAN's route was drawn towards greater success in the future this time with MAN. Today, NEOPLAN buses, with their model range consisting of Tourliner, Cityliner and Skyliner, continue to attract admiration with their impressive designs and innovative features wherever they go.

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