What Happened to Malatya Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project?

What Happened to Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project
What Happened to Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project

The High Speed ​​Train Line, which is planned to be brought to Malatya in 2023, has delayed. Making a statement on the subject, Ak Party Malatya Deputy Hakan Kahtalı said that the high-speed train line could be completed within 4 to 5 years. Deputy Kahtalı, who stated that the delay in the route determined in the high speed train construction work planned to be made in Malatya is due to the geomorphological structure of the city, and that a great distance has been covered on the Sivas-Ankara line and 39 percent of the Ground Survey work between Malatya and Sivas has been completed.


Noting that he used the highway on the way back from Ankara to Malatya and watched the works on Sivas during this trip, Kahtalı said that he met with the General Manager of the State Railways and asked the construction process of the project. Deputy Kahtalı, who stated that he was informed that 39 percent of the project studies were completed on the specified route, continued his words as follows; I came from Sivas while coming from the highway. On the way from Ankara, I saw high-speed train tunnels and viaducts. It is truly a huge job. When I saw this work between Ankara and Sivas, I met with the General Managers a few weeks ago. "What are we in?" I asked. A lot of work has been done and most of the tunnels and roads are ready. What is the situation in Malatya and at what stage it is now? The response of the General Manager was encouraging. 39 percent of Malatya said that the project and study work was completed. The fast train issue is very difficult. When you say `` ha '', you cannot say let's go through here like making a road. The work done to ensure that a train that will travel at a speed that will not fall below 250 km per hour will shake and navigate safely is enormous. "


Emphasizing that even the most suitable route determined for the Malatya-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Line requires a lot of buildings due to the difficult geomorphological structure of Malatya, Kahtalı said that 82 buildings should be completed on this route. Deputy Kahtalı; The projects of tunnels and viaducts are continuing to ensure safe navigation of the High Speed ​​Train. The information we received on where to build tunnels, viaducts or bridges is 82 buildings in total. When we expand this information a little more, 3 bridges, 14 viaducts, 8 tunnels, 37 underpasses, 20 overpasses. This is a huge building chain. An important progress has been made in Sivas in high speed train construction works. Immediately after the completion of Sivas work, the Malatya step will be taken definitely. Say huh, it's not a job. There are too many viaducts and tunnels. If I say the closest date, it might take 4 to 5 years. " (Malatyasonsöz)



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