Last Minute: Mersin Metro Tender Published

Last minute! Giant Mersin Metro Tender Published
Last minute! Giant Mersin Metro Tender Published

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation has announced the long-awaited subway tender. The tender covers the construction and commissioning of the entire system, including the construction of the urban HRS Metro Line, which consists of 13.4 stations, approximately 11 km in length, underground parking lots and transfer structures, and other structures within the area.

For Mersin Metro Construction Work Tender CLICK HERE

How Many Passengers Will the Mersin Rail System Carry?

  • The first phase line of Mersin rail system will follow the direction of Mezitli Marina Tulumba Station.
  • In 2030, the number of daily public transport passengers will be around 1 million 200 thousand people. The target is to carry 70 percent of this with a rail system.
  • The daily number of passengers at Mezitli-Gar (West) is projected as 206 thousand 341. The number of passengers per hour is estimated at 29 thousand 69.
  • 62 thousand 263 of this will be passengers on the University-Train route, 161 thousand 557 will be passengers on the University-Hal route.
  • On the Gar-Huzurkent route, the number of passengers per day will be 67 thousand 63 people, and between Gar-OSB, the number of passengers per day will be 92 thousand 32 people.
  • The number of passengers per day will be 81 thousand 121 between Gar-Otogar-Şehir Hospital and 80 thousand 284 among Gar-City Hospital-Otogar.
  • On the Mezitli-Gar line, there will be 7930 meters of cut-off and 4880 meters of single tube tunnel.
  • There will be a parking lot of 6 vehicles at 1800 stations and bicycle and motorcycle parking areas at all stations.

What are the Technical Specifications of the Mersin Rail System?

  • Line length from Mezitli to Gar: 13.40 km
  • Number of Stations: 11
  • Cross scissors: 5
  • Emergency line: 11
  • Tunnel type: Single tube (9.20 meters inner diameter) and open-close section
  • Maximum operating speed: 80 km / h Operating speed: 42 km / h
  • One way travel time: 23 minutes
  • The length of the light rail line between Eski Otogar-Şehir Hastanesi and Bus Station: 8 thousand 891 meters
  • Number of Stations: 6
  • Tram line between Fair Center and Mersin University: 7 thousand 247 meters
  • Number of Stations: 10

Map of Mersin Metro

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  1. Why is the parking lot involved in the subway business? Why are luxurious and unnecessary station structures such as shopping malls built? Building such large structures underground will be both expensive and will result in bare concrete areas on the surface.
    2 or 3 express tram lines isolated from highways were enough to Mersin. They cannot find 500 thousand passengers a day even in 20 years. Mersin is a make-up city that lives on pension, summer house rent and vending. That many people will not go to work by metro every day.