Konya Metropolitan Municipality Will Buy Bus Driver

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Will Buy Bus Driver
Konya Metropolitan Municipality Will Buy Bus Driver

Bus drivers will be recruited to be employed by Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

The conditions for the bus drivers who will be recruited to be employed in Konya central districts, Karapınar Center, İsmil, Ovakavağı, Sızma, Hayıroğlu neighborhoods are as follows:

1. Having completed active duty military service due to military service status.

2. Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 22.05.2003 of the Labor Law dated 4857 and numbered 30, not having any mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously.

3. Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and its functioning, even if a prison sentence or pardon for a year or more for a crime committed intentionally, (...) (1) embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery not to be convicted of the crimes of abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, rigging the tender, rigging the performance of the act, laundering of the assets arising from the crime or smuggling.

4. Not to be punished for prostitution, sexual assault, sexual abuse of children, forced prostitution, crimes against sexual immunity, sexual assault, sexual harassment, production and trade of drugs or stimulants, establishing organizations to commit a crime, and usury.

5. Alcohol, drugs and so on. For any reason, no action has been taken.

6. To be physically and mentally suitable for working as a driver.

7. To have a bus driving license. (To have an E class driver's license obtained before 01.01.2016 or D class driving license obtained after 31.12.2015.)

8. Having at least one of the SRC-1 or SRC-2 documents.

9. To have a valid psychotechnical certificate.

10. As of the date of application, not be younger than 26 and not older than 48.

11. To be at least a primary school graduate.

12. Preferably residing in Konya Central Districts, Karapınar Center or İsmil, Ovakavağı, Sızma, Hayıorğlu districts.

Candidates who want to apply for 107 bus driver recruitment announcements and meet the above conditions must send the necessary documents to “isbasvuru@konya.bel.tr” until October 12, 2020, 17.30 at the latest. Applications other than e-mail are not accepted.

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