The Opening Ceremony of Kocaali Maritime Vocational School was Held

The Opening Ceremony of Kocaali Maritime Vocational School was Held
The Opening Ceremony of Kocaali Maritime Vocational School was Held

Sakarya Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim attended the opening ceremony of Kocaali Maritime Vocational School, which was established within Sakarya University of Applied Sciences.

The ceremony started with a moment of silence and the Turkish National Anthem. In addition to Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim; Sakarya Deputy Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce, former Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Assoc. Dr. Hasan Ali Çelik, SUBÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Saribıyık, District Governor Dr. Emre Nebioğlu, provincial heads of political parties, District Mayors, department chiefs, NGO members and academicians.

"+1 Application Trainings Will Be Applied"

Nuri Akkaş, Director of the Maritime Vocational School, who made the opening speech of the program, which was carried out in accordance with the social distance rules, stated that the curriculum for meeting the needs of the sector was created with the cooperation of the maritime sector, and that it was opened with the aim of improving all education stages with +1 application training, Kocaali Mayor Ahmet Acar Stating that its establishment in their districts is pleasing, he also stated that they will be in an effort to offer their best support and that their districts are on the verge of a different and important acceleration.

“Competent and Sufficient Technical Staff for the Sector Kazanwill be raised”

To eliminate the lack of qualified intermediate labor force trained in the field of maritime transport, to recruit competent and sufficient technical personnel to the sector. kazanMentioning that Maritime Vocational School was established within the scope of universities in order to Dr. Mehmet Saribiyik, after consultations with the university and industry stakeholders, stated that it was decided to establish it in the Kocaali district, which stands out with its geographical location, proximity to ports and railway connections, and the logistics center potential of our region and is located in the center of the Northern Marmara Motorway, Karasu and Melenağzı Ports. He stated that the school will start education and training on October 2, 3 with 9 programs, 3 academic-110 administrative staff and 5 students.

“Maritime Studies Importance Kazanwas”

The first commandment of our religion; "Read!" Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce stated that reading, knowing, learning and self-development are based on our religion and culture, and that since our country is surrounded by seas on three sides, most of our population earns their living from the sea, and that conscious and specialized maritime studies are important in this regard. kazanHe also talked about other projects in Kocaali district.

"Our Higher Education System is at an Advanced Level"

Sakarya Deputy Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek, who wishes the new academic year to be prosperous and wishes success to all academics and students, said that under the leadership of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the renewal of the Presidency Government System and vocational schools in line with the needs of our industry has accelerated. kazanHe said that our higher education system is at a very advanced level today.

"City of Peace and Trust"

In such a beautiful and auspicious program, Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim, who started his speech by expressing his pleasure to be in the town of Kocaali, Sakarya, where people live in a happy and peaceful way, said, “Before me, we have expressed both the purpose of this program and our district, our city and our country. Esteemed speakers and preachers expressed one by one how much it would contribute and how beneficial it would be.

"We are at the Triangulation Point"

Our Sakarya is exactly at a triangulation point. Sakarya also; A city of peace, a city of trust, a city of harmony, a city of tolerance, where people live in peace, live in safety, where our citizens from every province of our country come to live, live or visit, and even more is a city of love. Therefore, it is necessary to perceive this city, which has an international character, and define it as such, and see it as such, and while defining Sakarya, looking at Sakarya, talking from Sakarya, and expressing it, it is necessary to express these characteristics. Our special in Sakarya, Turkey is a rare and hospitable city. It is a city that opens its heart to its visitors, guests, whoever it is, opens its hearts, opens its house, opens its stove, shares the vaccine, therefore we are not proud of this city, however much we highlight these qualities, it still expresses these features properly. we cannot be.

"We Are Proceeding With Confident Steps In Every Area"

Our city is expanding, really developing, growing and taking a lead especially in certain areas. Sakarya; It is an agricultural city, an important industrial production city and an important tourism city, at the same time taking firm steps towards becoming the center of the defense industry, with such investments in the maritime field and in terms of the last discovered natural gas reserves and in terms of ports, logistics investments and especially Miami With its simulated beach, it is an extremely important city in terms of tourism and health tourism. In addition, Sakarya is a city that takes the lead in both transportation and logistics.

"Societies Producing Knowledge Will Be Leaders"

The world now lives in the information age. Countries that produce knowledge, analyze information, evaluate information, and turn it into a product will be the masters of the world. In the past, the agricultural society was the master of the countries, the industrial society was the master, but today the countries and cities that have knowledge, turn it into a precious commodity, turn it into a product, make it value-added will be successful, this has now become a reality of today. Therefore, you are all aware of the importance of information, information technologies, and producing and using them in a period when the identification of these intelligent artificial intelligence devices and robots is discussed in a period when smart cities, countries, buildings and even devices are discussed. Countries are now in a serious competition in this field, in a race and now the sectors are as new and old sectors; Whether in industry, tourism, agriculture or health, it is shaped and directed with a new generation vision.

"Sakarya is a Lucky City in Every Aspect"

From this point of view, I see our Sakarya very lucky, he has a very good balance, he has a foundation, he has a history, he has a knowledge, he also has a vision, he has a perspective, he has a horizon, he has a goal. . We think that Sakarya will be a global city with its potentials, knowledge, experience and very valuable actors, a city on a global scale, and we are extremely confident and hopeful that it will become an important production center, information center and attraction center in the world.

"Good Works Are Being Made With Unity and Togetherness"

Our Sakarya has now focused on these areas and issues very well, focused work, correct work, beautiful projects in really good cooperation with our precious MPs, the Metropolitan and district municipalities, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the actors of the city, the leaders of the new generation areas, Good work is being done and it continues to be done.

I would like to thank all the actors of the city on my behalf for this unity, solidarity and harmony, and I present my congratulations ”.

"Vocational School has been opened"

After the speeches, while the plaques were presented to those who contributed to the establishment of the Vocational School, Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim and his attendants cut the ribbon and examined the Vocational School building, which they opened.

In the Vocational School, which will start the 110-2020 education program with 2021 students; There are Shipbuilding Program and Maritime Transportation and Operation Program in the Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies Department, and Civil Defense and Firefighting Programs in the Property Protection and Security Department.

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