Kent Square Terminal Tram Line to be Completed by the End of 2021

Kent Square Terminal Tram Line to be Completed by the End of 2021
Kent Square Terminal Tram Line to be Completed by the End of 2021

T2 tram line, which is the project of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality that will bring the rail system together with the north of the city, won the tender. kazanAfter the site was handed over to the company, the work was accelerated. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the works on-site, also made the ignition of the first source on the rails himself.

Work has resumed on the Kent Meydani Terminal tram line, which was designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in line with the objectives of knitting the city with iron nets, but the construction was stopped due to the currency turbulence experienced after the last general elections and the liquidation request of the contractor company to the Ministry. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department held the 'completion works' tender for the City Square - Terminal Tram Line Construction Work, which has 11 stations and a total length of 9 thousand 445 meters, on August 05. tender kazanWhile the contract was signed with an Öztimur company on August 21, the works started after the site delivery on September 3rd. Within the scope of the tender, all deficiencies such as missing rail welds in the line superstructure, stretching the rails, making adjustments, truss assemblies, truss welds, completion of missing manufacturing, exterior cladding of 9 overpass stations on the line, glass and prefabricated cladding works will be completed.

Target is the end of 2021

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, together with Bursa Deputy Zafer Işık, examined the ongoing work on the rails. Expressing that one of the topics that Bursa has been talking about the most since 2015 is the T2 line, President Aktaş reminded that there was a delay in the project due to bad luck in the tender, developments in the economy and the pandemic process. Expressing that the new tender was made after the termination of the contract with the existing contractor, President Aktaş said, “We have awarded the tender. kazanWe signed a contract with Öztimur Yapı Proje. Within the scope of the contract worth 31 million 400 thousand TL, we delivered the site on 3 September and the company immediately started working. This is not the whole thing. As you know, we are completing the project with the tender of the European Investment Bank. The European Investment Bank does not support half jobs. For this reason, we finish our half works related to construction and stations with our own means. The other part is of course the subject of tender and will be tendered in a few months. They will also be prepared outside and electromechanical systems will be installed and we hope that we will see this system will run until the end of 2021," he said.

Mayor Aktaş emphasized that they will implement some urban transformation projects in the region, especially Beşyol, in order to make Istanbul Street, which includes hotels, business centers, Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone and shopping centers even more attractive, and that the T2 line will add a separate attraction to the region.

The first source is from Aktaş

President Aktaş, who carefully examined the ongoing works to complete the weld fabrications of the rails, also made the ignition of the first welding himself. Within the scope of the "City Square - Terminal Tram Line (T2 line) construction completion works" tender; Missing rail welds in the line superstructure, second layer ballast, tensioning of S49 rails, tamping, scissors assemblies, scissor welds, lines fixed to missing concrete and ballasted line incomplete prefabricated cable duct installation will be made. Solid polycarbonate, membrane-coated roof cover, elevator and overpass precast facade coating, technical volume exterior clinker coating, overpass composite panel coating, elevator exterior composite panel and glass coating, station No. 9 steel fabrication and installation of 2 overpass stations, Rubber coating, stainless railing, composite coating will be produced. In addition, technical volumes of clinker coverings and tile coverings will be manufactured in transformers and stations. The installation of missing catenary poles on the line road, catenary foundation fabrications and the laying of the bus terminal drainage lines will be carried out together with the line path missing drainage exits.

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