Public Personnel Advisory Board Meeting Started

Public Personnel Advisory Board Meeting Started
Public Personnel Advisory Board Meeting Started

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, chaired the Public Personnel Advisory Board, which convened for the first time. The meeting hosted by the Ministry; Presidency Administrative Affairs Presidency, Strategy and Budget Presidency, representatives of Environment and Urbanization, Treasury and Finance, Interior and Health ministries, representatives of Memur-Sen, Kamu-Sen and KESK, and heads of trade unions authorized in service branches attended.

Speaking at the KPDK meeting, Minister Selçuk said, "Our goal is a happy individual, harmonious family, strong and prosperous society." said.

Minister Selçuk drew attention to the fact that public services reach citizens through public personnel.

Stating that the number of public personnel has increased with the development, Minister Selçuk said, “We have made improvements in the social and financial rights of our public personnel. We care about strengthening and consultation by supporting trade unionism. Accordingly, we plan to hold our next KPDK meeting in November. " he spoke.

Stating that there has been an increase in the rate of unionization of civil servants in recent years, Selçuk said, “When looking at civil servant unionism in the last 18 years, the legal regulation made in 2012 was one of the important steps. The rate of civil servant unionism, which was 2002 percent in 48, has exceeded 60 percent today. said.

Our Public Personnel Number Reached 4 Million

Saying “Let the people live so that the state can live”, Minister Selçuk said “It is important to provide fast, effective and reliable service. The number of public personnel, which was 2002 million in 2,5, has now exceeded 4 million. In the last 18 years, we have increased the number of doctors by 175% and our nurses by 365%. Thanks to these increases, we have delivered public services to our citizens more effectively. " made statements.

Stating that the lowest civil servant salary was 2002 TL in 392, it was increased by 102% to 4.188 TL in real terms and said “We aim to increase the welfare of the personnel qualitatively and quantitatively. We made improvements for public personnel starting from 2002. We recruited 300 thousand contracted personnel. We also lifted the headscarf ban in the public sector. " used the expressions.

Selçuk said, “We attach importance to the employment of our disabled citizens, martyrs 'relatives, veterans and veterans' relatives, and young people raised under the protection of the state. In this context, while 2002 martyrs and veterans were entitled to employment in 6.315, today this number has reached 38 thousand. In addition, the public employment of our youth who grew up under the protection of the state has exceeded 53 thousand. " said.

Our Cash Aids Approached 35 Billion Liras

Stating that the cash supports made during the COVID-19 period approached 35 billion lira, Minister Selçuk stated that all measures were gathered under the name of working life, social security, social assistance and social services. In this context, Minister Selçuk said, “We have rapidly implemented our practices such as Short Work Allowance, Cash Wage Support and Termination Restriction. In the private sector, short-time work allowance has become a lifeline. " found the assessment.

Reminding that Normalization Support was given in the Normalization Process, Minister Selçuk continued as follows:

“Normalization Support is a support we attach great importance to. While exiting the Short-Time Working Allowance, there is a rapid acceleration especially thanks to this support for companies. kazanWe aim to climb. SSI premiums of our employers will be set off at the rate they benefit from short-time work. Thus, we will not receive 6 months of the premiums postponed for 3 months, and we will be set off. On the other hand, we have implemented another regulation in the field of social security. We have extended the reporting and prescription periods of our chronic patients and disabled people until further notice. We also call our General Health Insurance system a Turkish miracle. For 88.29 liras, you and your family members that you are responsible for can benefit from all health services within the scope of GSS. We, as the state, undertake this amount so that those who cannot pay 88.29 liras due to neediness can benefit from health services.”

We Supported Over 6 Million Families

At the beginning of Covidien-19 process the lowest pension of 1.500 pounds remove that, so retired our living conditions Selcuk Minister mentioned that they aim to improve, "We have now reached our citizens most of the 2 billion pounds collected by Us Yet we are Turkey's campaign. We provided a thousand lira support to more than 6 million families. " said.

Pointing out that the working life has also changed due to COVID-19, Minister Selçuk emphasized that the flexible working model in the public started to be implemented with the Presidential Circular. Selcuk, "2023, 2053, 2071 with a strong presidential system of government in line with our target, we will build a prosperous Turkey. For this, we care about the public personnel system and continue our efforts to provide better service. " He spoke in the form.

Selcuk Ministers also adopted 3 condolences to Bob, who died in Turkey Kamu-Sen members Omar.

On the other hand, in the KPDK, which was gathered with the agenda of the Evaluation of Public Personnel Practices during the COVID-19 Outbreak Period; issues such as the transfer of public services to the digital environment, administrative leave for pregnant women and chronic patients, increasing the number of nurseries in the public, supplementary payment for nursing home employees, occupational health and safety measures in the public, flexible working models, remote and rotational work, work-family balance, digitalization in working life. was also spoken.

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