Kahramanmaraş Bus Station was taken into maintenance

Kahramanmaraş Bus Station was taken into maintenance
Kahramanmaraş Bus Station was taken into maintenance

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality was taken into maintenance within the scope of the reorganization works of Kahramanmaraş Bus Terminal.

The teams of KMBB Department of Science Affairs started demolition, renovation and repair works, which will be long-lasting, at Kahramanmaraş Bus Terminal, where maintenance and repair works are carried out from time to time. Within the scope of the study, KMBB teams firstly demolish buildings such as kiosks, toll booths and shops in the bus terminal that have completed their economic life. In the Kahramanmaraş Bus Station, which has become unable to meet the needs in its current state, an arrangement will be made in accordance with the conditions of the day within the scope of the renovation works. According to the information provided by KMBB teams, on the ground floor of Kahramanmaraş Bus Terminal, which will consist of two floors; There will be 18 ticket booths, 11 kiosks, 1 cafe, 1 barber and 1 health cabin. On the first floor there will be sections such as Baby Care Room, Male, Female Masjid and Male and Female Ablution.

For a modern and comfortable bus station

Making a statement on the subject, Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hayrettin Güngör said; “From time to time, we were doing the maintenance and repair work of our bus station. As a result of our investigations, we saw that especially the buildings in the bus terminal completed their economic life. There was a need for renovation not in one or more parts of the bus station, but in all. I hope we will complete the work we have started in a short time so that our citizens and our guests can carry out their travel operations in a healthy, modern and comfortable environment.



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